Stuart Offshore 4/10/12 Dolphins, Skipjack, Triple tail

Headed offshore today on NegotiatoR with Jahn (Snook87) and Bill (WBarrett). We ran out and found a nice looking rip loaded with weed and tiny schoolies in 180', but left there after a 1/2 hour effort and nothing to report. One of the things I enjoy most in fishing is getting away from the crowds and finding our own fish. Since the seas were flat we did a Hail Mary out deep to about 1600' and founds some good signs of what we were after. We went on the troll and got covered up in small schoolies so we ended up releasing 5 or 6. We found a bucket and hooked up a double of larger schoolies on lures and put those two on ice. There were a few other schoolies around but none would eat the liveys. We headed back to the bucket to find the nice triple tail we saw swimming around and after a few refusals I coaxed him into eating a squid head. On ice he went. We looked around offshore a bit more, then started heading west.

As we approached Push Button Hill from the east, there was the typical circus of 25 boats running into each other, so we slowed down to take a look about a 1/4 mile offshore of everyone in 450' and some scattered weed. Jahn spotted something pushing a wake in the distance off the side of the boat, and sure enough it was a small gaffer dolphin cruising around from patch to patch looking for food. He was moving very quickly and darting around so he was tough to keep on top of, but Bill stayed with him and positioned us to pitch some baits. After refusing a live threadfin, he ate a dead squid immediately and he also went on ice. The water looked good there, so we set up trolling and quickly banged out three separate gaffer dolphin in the next 45 minutes or so - all on ballyhoo. We worked south and west a bit more and caught a fat skipjack that we released, then called it a day and headed for the barn.

Although we had a well full of liveys today, we only caught 1 dolphin on a pilchard. Squid is an incredibly productive dolphin pitch bait that I've been using successfully for years, and it's a rare occasion when they get refused. Something to consider adding to your arsenal.

Kim just made a kick@ss fresh tripletail dinner. Life is good!


What a relaxing day offshore with friends! Hopefully this info is useful to anyone heading out tomorrow. :beer

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