Dania 4/10/12 Kayak Bull

Decided to go out for a few hours afterwork on this beautiful day. Didnt have anytime to get live bait and only had some squid left in the freezer so i went out expecting to really be just jigging for tuna. Got out to 300 saw some weeds and started drifting while freelining squid lol. current Nonexistent but grabbed a decent almaco on jig that went back in the drink then dropped the jig to the bottom and saw a large blue and green mass coming toward my kayak. i reeled my squid in and tossed it in front of the mahis mouth and BAAAM After a longggg fight bc im stupid and pitched out my 10# spinner i landed him. nice bull mahi maybe #20. after that i had 2 schools of atleast 50 small mahi come up to the yak and wouldnt touch anything. tried squid, jig, bucktail, xrap and nothing. So i decided to go back out to 250' where i jigged and for about 8 drops in a row hooked and landed ginormous bonita, was hoping a bft was mixed in but no luck. overall awesome trip for only a few hours
A bad day of fishing is better than a great day at work!! Tight lines my friends


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