My first Hammerhead 4-4

Took a trip with Capt Pete Perry and my buddy Kit and Stevie and the target species was snapper as usuall,60 foot of water was were started and finished fishing.After catching some mangs and a few bar jacks we noticed a hammerhead checking out boat and our fish coming in.I pitched a half alive mango at him but he was not interested,so back to snapper fishing for a couple hours.We got a decent amount for dinner on live shrimp and live threadfinns then the hammerhead came back,this time I had a bar jack fillet sitting on the bottom and after seeing the shark,the rods starts singing,singing like a speedboat snaged my line.I have 400 yards of 80 braid on my fin nor spinning reel and he took more than half of it on the first run.Then this fish circled the boat 5 times like a tuna.Bye far the strongest fish i have ever battled,and I think I was in worse shape than him after the battle.


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