Upgrading Flats Boat - Which Model

Floridauf1987Floridauf1987 Posts: 6 Greenhorn
Hi all,

I'm currently fishing a carolina skiff J16 w/ 40 hp yamaha. It is flats rigged w/ center consel, polling platform, front and rear casting decks, and trolling motor. Its been a great started boat and have really enjoyed.

I started fishing Flamingo and the rest of south florida and am getting into situations where i really need some range and to be able to run in some chop for long distances. If you've ever owned a J16 you'll know it is a wet boat and not good for running in any sort of chop.

The boat has been great, but I'm really looking to upgrade to a flats boat w/ a V or modified V hull, live wells, and walk around decks. I'm not looking to spend over $12,000 on the next boat and have been starting to look around at picking up a good used one. The Mitzi 17' has stood out in my early research as a good option, but i wanted to get other people's thoughts on what i should be looking at. I don't want to go any older than early 2000's, so buying a 1995 Hewes etc is not a good option for me. I'd love to hear some other options that i should be looking at. I have access to a bay boat, so i really am looking to get skinny.



  • SEARUNNERSEARUNNER Posts: 284 Deckhand
    I've seen some really nice Action Crafts pop up on craigslist from time to time ranging from $12k-$16k.
  • FlatoutventuresFlatoutventures Posts: 224 Officer
    SEARUNNER wrote: »
    I've seen some really nice Action Crafts pop up on craigslist from time to time ranging from $12k-$16k.
  • Floridauf1987Floridauf1987 Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    I've been on an action craft once or twice, good boats, but it looks like they aren't making them anymore. Website has them doing custom boats now. Does anyone have a rough estimate on specs for the 16 to 17' ones? Weight, draft etc?

    Also have been looking at the backcountry ghost, any thoughts? Also would like to hear from any Mitzi owners.
  • SEARUNNERSEARUNNER Posts: 284 Deckhand
    The AC1720 Flyfisher weighs ~900lbs (hull only). Draft is 8-10". It has a very nice wide beam, with wide gunnels to walk on. I have an Etec 115 and WOT for me is ~ 45mph. Tabs are a must. Once you get the boat dialed in with the proper trim and tab it easily cuts through the chop. It poles straight with no hull slap. It gets plenty shallow for me and Ive had it in all conditions. The boat is rock solid.
  • PBRPBR Posts: 136 Officer
    I have an older Ac (1985 ) with a 140 on it My hull has some slap to it but man dose it catch fish . . was out in it today check the (weater forcast) for Ft Myers . we had a great ride stayed dry and cought some fish . I have had 3 of my freinds in the boat 1 has a hews 1 has a 201 B C the other has a J 16 and they are impressed with the old AC Don't need them new and don't have to spend a lot of $$ to fish. Just try to take the boat out for a sea trail before you buy . There are some sweet deals out there

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