RIP Jose Wejebe.

They say he passed away in a plane crash.


  • GreenngoldfeverGreenngoldfever Posts: 194 Officer
    Losing a hell of an angler
  • dtobiasdtobias Posts: 733 Officer
    Watched him for years on Spanish Fly.........Adios Capt Jose
  • ElPatoLocoBPSElPatoLocoBPS Posts: 86 Deckhand
    A true pioneer
  • Key LimeKey Lime Posts: 360 Officer
    Way too young to go. A small consolation is that he was doing one of his favorite things. Fly with the Angels, Bro! :angel:angel
  • Lone DrifterLone Drifter Posts: 639 Officer
    Christ, as we know, called the fishermen to follow him. Today I am sure Jose has taken his place with the apostles.

    Jose too has come and then left us
    Today it seems like a dream
    That he was so much part of our lives
    That he lived and loved as we do
    Now he has left our hearts and left us many
    wonderful memories of all the fished release
    on the Spanish Fly to go on its way and that is what Jose
    is doing today To a bright new world, see the sun glitter
    As he drifts from sight, though our tears are bitter
    We know that he, like the Sails memorable leaps
    Will always be there in our memories deep

    You will be missed by many my Brother RIP ! :angel:angel
  • SemiProSemiPro Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Peace Brother
  • Mr BreezeMr Breeze Posts: 58 Deckhand
    WOW , great loss , he seemed like a nice guy , shared lots of knowledge
  • jbu1211jbu1211 Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    About a year ago me and two of my buddies were fishing Chokoloskee and this red plane comes flying from everglades city. He flies by pretty low and we think nothing of it and wave as he passes, well lol the plane hooks around, does a big circle and dive bombs us. I swear to you he was about 10-15 feet over our heads. The props were close enough to spray water everywhere, then he took off over the tree line and over the horizon. After I heard about his death and the plane crash I did some research and sure enough, the red plane was his. Pretty crazy huh?
  • Flyers UpFlyers Up Posts: 655 Officer
    His plane was Blue, White & Silver!! Did he have two Planes?
  • jbu1211jbu1211 Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Yes, yes he did. The blue and white plane he crashed in and the red and white plane he was being acrobatic in!

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