Here he is!

CoxsterCoxster Posts: 3,086 Officer
#2 son is at Fort Benning in basic training. He's the middle soldier on the second row, right over the left shoulder of the 3rd soldier from the left on the front row.




  • 2centsworth2centsworth Posts: 1,221 Officer
    Is he the one with his mouth open... anyway tell him congrats....
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  • pointerDixie214pointerDixie214 Posts: 5,658 Officer
    Congrats. And thank you to both him and you guys for serving. :USA
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  • CoxsterCoxster Posts: 3,086 Officer
    Is he the one with his mouth open... anyway tell him congrats....

    yeah, with the hat! :grin
  • Oldfox1939Oldfox1939 Posts: 521 Officer
    Our Grandson graduated from Boot Camp in Fort Knox, Ky. 2 years ago...Army Reserve.

    He loves it, so far hasn't been called up for active duty.
  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 19,289 AG
    Is that the dental inspection?
    Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an App, they will start using it.
  • Posts: 4,686 Officer
    Congrats Coxster!!!
  • Ramblin' ReckRamblin' Reck Posts: 2,701 Officer
    Hey, I know him!!! Good show, Coxsta'!

    Sayin... Reck

  • AbelmanAbelman Posts: 1,848 Officer
    Cool and congrats to you and your son.
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  • copout@castawayscopout@castaways Posts: 5,779 Officer
    Congrats. And thank you to both him and you guys for serving. :USA

  • Capt'n. ChumbucketCapt'n. Chumbucket Posts: 1,366 Officer
    Tell him I said thank you.
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  • Mackeral SnatcherMackeral Snatcher Posts: 10,382 AG
  • T TopT Top Posts: 3,706 Captain
    :USA :thumbsup
  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 3,903 Captain
  • fishonhensonfishonhenson Posts: 4,397 Captain
    you should be a very proud father:USA:USA
    My lil buddy

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  • JFR2000JFR2000 Posts: 76 Deckhand
    Way to go! And Thanks.
  • jj lynnjj lynn Posts: 632 Officer
    :USA Let God watch over him..
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  • ruskinredneckruskinredneck Posts: 1,121 Officer
    Tell him I said thank you.
  • jacsdokenjacsdoken Posts: 125 Officer
    :USA Thank you for your service youngman. :USA
  • CalusaCalusa Posts: 11,881 Officer
    Good stuff, Coxster! :hail:USA
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  • knotty boysknotty boys Posts: 1,896 Captain
    Congrats Cox.
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  • That's what she saidThat's what she said Posts: 748 Officer

    You must be very proud of him.
  • DeadweightDeadweight Posts: 681 Officer
    Be proud, Coxster. Tell him we all appreciate his service.
  • BibBib Posts: 2,356 Captain
  • PONCEPONCE Posts: 5,943 Officer
    Carry on soldier-Nice -Coxster
  • SWFL_F1sh0nSWFL_F1sh0n Posts: 17,248 Officer
    Ft. Beginning, the home of the light infantry 11X. 13 weeks of their life will transition them literally from boys to men. I hated it at the time and miss my time as a youth now. Airborne next?
  • fishknutfishknut Posts: 3,925 Captain
    Awesome Coxter, as I've said before it's nice to see there are still some young Americans that believe in our country. Congrats to you and him.....
    Fail to plan, plan to fail.......
  • Look Out BelowLook Out Below Posts: 3,776 Captain
  • hewes18hewes18 Posts: 757 Officer
    My friend also just left and is at Benning now too. :USA
  • PhescadorPhescador Posts: 3,816 Officer
    Do you suck ****, private? BS. I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

    Congrats buddy. Not for me but to each their own. Looks too much like high school football camp with camo and guns....*puke*.
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  • magotmagot Posts: 6,640 Officer
    :USA Hoo-ah!

    If the president had a son in boot camp, he'd look like forth from the left, first row. :smoking

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