Quick Trip to the Grouper Grounds

Got a call to be at the ramp at 9. Slid out of work so I could catch this Grouper sandwich. By the way around 1:30 it really started to blow, 15/20 easy. But until then..................peace :grin
I always cast to where the fish are. :crossed


  • IndianoutlawIndianoutlaw Posts: 550 Officer
    Glad to see you figured out how to post the pictures Chandler, I should have a good report to put up Saturday night...............
  • chandler315chandler315 Posts: 68 Deckhand
    Looking forward to it Outlaw. No fishing this weekend for me, too many things to do around the house. Good luck and be safe.
    I always cast to where the fish are. :crossed
  • marleydogmarleydog Posts: 58 Deckhand
    Very nice!

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