Lat report 3/18 - 3/27 FIRST COBIA

3/18----Went out to run the boat because it hadnt been ran in a while. Engine had a hard time and thought it was gas. Got out 4 to 5 miles and started trolling. Dropped a big lipped lure down and was about to get the spoon out and boom the lure gets killed. Stopped the boat and he was not moving. Maybe i got hung up. Motor back over it and he comes out. About a 28 in gag. Have no idea how he got in the rocks trolling. I turned the engine off and when i went to turn it back on, nothing. I opened a compartment and smelled gas. The water fuel seperator is spitting out gas. 2 100 hrs services and he never changed that?!!!? I thought that was part of one. I will be getting a new person from now on. I get towed in and i troll on the way in. I got a 11.5 lb king and a big mac. Better that nothing. Quick stop at walmart and fixed that problem.

3/19--- We were going out to a wreck in 100 ft for ajs and stopped at the whistler to see if any kings were around. In about 10 mins we picked up a small king.

Got out to the wreck and the first two live baits got killed by Ajs. Then switched over to topwater and watched them smash the baits. Its really cool when the whole school is following the lure.

This fish was caught on that trout rod and reel. Fun fight!

3/22--- Tried to go out but it was nasty. Ended up going in the bay and trying some reefs and had no luck. We did get some small macs in the morning. Here is the biggest thing we caught.

3/23--- Went out with jewfish7 and had a great day.See the report Big bait Big Reef Donkey 3-23

3/24---Went out for the grunt hunt and did pretty well but conditions were tough and it only got worse. My wife was on the boat and caught the most grunts. She even got a couple keeper size reds. My uncle and I got some red and gags and small grunts. My wife got sea sick an hour into fishing but would not let us go in. She is a keeper!!!! Here is one of the gags

3/26-- We went up to Weeki Wachee(My friend, his wife, and my wife). I thought we would take them out and get some little gags and grunts for fun. I didnt even bring my knife cause i wasnt going to keep anything. We went to a reef and started fishing. My wife gets something nice and it ends up being a slot redfish. He went back to fight another day.

We are fishing some more and i see this brown stuff in the water. I get up on the side of the boat and realize its a SCHOOL of cobia(20 or more fish). I get a live bait ready(hand size pin) and when they came up again i pitched it to them. I got my first COBIA and boy it was a nice one. 35 lbs.

They come back again and my friend gets in on the action. 20lbs.

We ended up losing 5 or 6 more. A bouy was helping the fish.

3/27---Started out the morning at a different reef so we could have more non stop action but in the back of my mind, i couldnt wait til we got back to the other one. We caught some grunts and gags. The girls are finished and now its my turn. Archor up at the same spot and here they come. Pitched another bait and its game on. 25 lbs

My wife got in on the action but this one was a little short so he went back until next year.

We lost a lot more again but it is worth it.

Over all a great 2 weeks with people i love. Throw in these fish and you have a memory for life.

Here are our best catches


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