Time to start thinking bout next DEER season

gator4evergator4ever Posts: 2,501 Captain
Went up the lease today to set up a few mineral/salt lick sites. We saw plenty of deer, lots of sign, the weather was nice and I am ready to start thinking about next season.

How bout the rest of you??
"sometimes it's OK just to kill a little time" my grandpa 1972


  • AllenRAllenR Posts: 2,683 Captain
    Bass bustin top water horny toads and bluegills poppin pads is all I got my mind on the next few weeks,. I dug three dozen worms out of the garden for tomorrow
  • southpawsouthpaw Posts: 42 Deckhand

    While waiting for the taxidermist to finish my 10 point, I've picked up a new bow and figure I've got a little while to "work it out" before deer season. Hoping to find some place somewhat local before the season starts otherwise I'll pack the gear in the car for the 20 hour round trip ride!
  • ducknfishducknfish Posts: 3,821 Officer
    Spent the last month of deer season thinkin about turkeys and so far it's the usual, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. I'll keep after the big bird till it's over then chase some trout, reds and cobes while practicing my archery and be ready when deer season rolls around again.
  • nativecrackernativecracker Posts: 293 Officer
    Went up last weekend too. Saw some tracks, couple GREAT rubs and put up some new ladderstands. We have so much new growth and vegetation that the deer aren't moving a lot. the pigs are all over the place though. I think we are going to get some more traps for them. Already excited about opening day!!! Evidnently I stink at Turkey hunting but will give it another try before the end of the season.

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