Red Tide F.P. inlet 4/3--4/4

Met CaptNoBait along with his coworker Jim at the ramp at 5:30 for some inlet red/snook fishing. After three throws of the net we had enough bait to last for the day with plenty extras as well. Bumped into Capt Charlie on our way into the turning basin, and gave him three scoops of bait since I knew we had more than enough to spare. We milled around in the basin and just south of south bridge looking for some snook or whatever while we waited on the tide to get right. Jim and I both pulled the hook on two snook while CNB managed a @7lb crevalle. Finally the tide was good so we slid out to the inlet to start drifting. We started off slow with a few mishaps and a few more pulled hooks on decent fish then the flood gates opened. We started to bang slot and over slot reds on almost every drift with a few grouper, and snook thrown into the mix. Don't know how many reds total but I would say at least 15. I have pics in my camera of 11, but we threw back a bunch without taking any pics. I'll let the pics do the talking....

I took my buddy Chad out with hopes of repeating yesterday, and things were a lot slower. Once again we killed time waiting on the tide with nothing but a 15lb jack. Slid back to the inlet again, and on the first drift we picked up a double of overslot reds. Next drift we pick up a short snook, and my buddy on another boat pics up a slot snook. What happens next was absolutely mind boggling, a boat that was watching catch fish comes over and drops the hook RIGHT where we were hooking the fish :huh :nono After that we didn't hook another fish:banghead Frustrated I ran down the beach to try and salvage the day. Once we arrived at the new spot we had to weed through some jacks and blues before we started getting the snook. We ended up with 8 snook here with two being slots, and all the rest being well overslot.


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