Key West Reef Fishing 29/30 March

I've been out fishing the last few days and took the day off today to get some rest and get caught up on paperwork as well as other misc "stuff".

On Thursday, I was out fishing with the Adler family aboard their 45' Silverton (Eagle VI). We had the grandkids aboard and needed to put them on some fish before they headed home on Friday. It was blowing a little more than the kids were prepared for, so I took the safe route and took them to the North West Channel for some assured catching in calm waters.

Yellowtails, Muttons and Grouper were ready and waiting and we had a blast catching them dinner. No doubt it'll be a highlight for their Spring Break from the colder Northern climate they came down from. Even better that they got to eat what they caught. Sorry that I don't have the pictures yet, but Mom and Dad took care of all the photo duties so that the kids (and I) could focus on catching.

Yesterday, Friday, it was time to take the big kids out to play aboard Roll Tide. Wind and seas were still up more than I would have liked, but we had tried and tested anglers aboard, so off we went towards the End-of-the-Bar.

Marked plenty of fish in 85', so we got set-up and started catching. In the last couple of weeks, we've caught more Porgies than I can ever recall. I think it's possible that in the last few weeks I've caught more Porgies than I have in the last 12 years!

Wind was out of the SE and the current was headed to the East at a moderate pace, but we spent the entire trip fishing up the side of the boat. Using 1/2 jig heads helped manage the lines and got baits into the zone fairly quickly. Bonita chunks was the top bait of the day, followed closely by ballyhoo chunks. Silversides that got anywhere near the bottom were gobbled up by porgies.

The Yellowtails were quality sized....


We even managed to catch the biggest Margate that I've seen in a while this close to Key West....


And at this time of year, you always need to keep a jig or some sort of pitch bait "at-the-ready". Whenever you hear someone say, "Look at that shark.", make sure you grab the pitch bait BEFORE you bother to look. You might end up with one of these as a bonus.....


We also caught the ever endangered Grouper and some "Muffin" sized (6lb) muttons.

Listening to the guys offshore, seemed a little slow in the Lower Keys, but there were some Dolphin and Wahoo being caught out around 500'. A couple of sails in close.

Tomorrows another day, and as long as the plan stays together, I'll be back on the reef in the morning followed by some light offshore fishing in the afternoon.

Catch'em Up!

Hero's Don't Wear Capes....They Wear Dog Tags.


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