Kudos to Wade "reelmahem"

Wade replaced my water pumps and flushed my tilt an trim as well as replaced trim seals a few months ago. I called him yesterday, he went by the boat and flushed out some debris in the hydraulics and got it fixed. Charged me nothing! This I a guy that knows his stuff, charges fair prices and stands behind his work months after the job is done! Thanks wade! PM him or me for his contact info.

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  • Let's Go AmigoLet's Go Amigo Posts: 2,246 Captain
    Wade is a good guy!
  • samsiam74samsiam74 Posts: 2,215 Officer
    Wade is a great guy, good price and an honest, helpful guy... He's currently working on my boat...
  • Anonymous3Anonymous3 Posts: 5,987 Officer
    I warranty all my parts and labor for 1 year and will put a job on hold to take care of any warranty work first. I treat my customers as I expect to be treated... Be there when I say i ll be there, do the best job I can for the price I give, and stand behind my work. I am happy that you are happy.....means i am doing my job. Thanks.
  • catfishincatfishin Posts: 976 Officer
    samsiam74 wrote: »
    Wade is a great guy, good price and an honest, helpful guy...

    Yep, What he said
  • oliveroliver Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Ditto that. Wade rebuilt my very rusted trailer and replaced the tilt motor on my outboard. Great job and pricing! Support every independent small business you can and he is one of them.
  • kajokajo Posts: 4,619 Moderator
    he is the man!!
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  • gitthenetgitthenet Posts: 252 Deckhand
    All the above.
  • ofourthreefiveofourthreefive Posts: 53 Deckhand
    Eh, he's alright.

    Kidding, keep up the good work redneck.
  • Anonymous3Anonymous3 Posts: 5,987 Officer
    That redneck reply will not get you a discount WHEN you have me fix the abortion that you performed on your boat Mr. 1%. :) LA,la, la,la,la,la, I can t hear you........
  • Anonymous3Anonymous3 Posts: 5,987 Officer
    C mon Mike. I expect more from you than silence bro.......
  • The Sea FoxThe Sea Fox Posts: 146 Officer
    Come on, You guys think Wade is only good for trailer, outboard, and rigging repairs. You should see how he revamped this house next door to me. I'm highly Impressed. Wade is a man of many talents.
  • ledslinger29ledslinger29 Posts: 837 Officer
    Wade does tight work!

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