HSB AGAIN...fish were hungry

Lightnin' and I headed for HSB again this morning to see what we could get to come out and play. We dropped the boat in the water at a little after 6:00am and sat there in the howling wind waiting on daylight. As soon as it got light enough to see we headed for our favorite redfish hole and it was way to rough to hit the flats or even fish the outside today. We hit one of the creeks and it was nice fishing with the wind being blocked but then came the rain. We donned our rain gear and kept after them and it didn't take long before they started to play with us. Lightnin' was eating my lunch, he caught two slot fish right away, a 26" and a 23" and I was catching shorts. We took pix after the storm past, here's Lightnin' with his two reds:

The further we got back in the creek the bigger the fish got....

I finally caught a big one, too big, he was 28"

We ended up catching around ten reds between us and by then the wind had died down some and we decided to try the trout. Ran out to 3' of water and started hammering the trout, I caught a 21" and a 19" within my first five or six casts. We ended the day with our limit of trout and released at least two more limits of good legal fish. We must have caught 40 or 50 shorts in the mix before we called it a day. Here's our COTD when we got back to my house:

Once again, LIFE IS GOOD!
"Be what you is"....... Isaiah Minter


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