Ecofina -- 27th March - Tuesday

Wanted to test the therory of the tide co-efficient on redfish. It worked !! :wink Figured i could get in the water and fish the last two hours of the incoming tide. Had plenty of water to run North on and was following my GPS to fish the same area as last Thursday. Guess i didn't see the screen correctly because when i turned to move inside, nothing looked formular and i noticed then that i turned in about a mile too early - but the area looked too good not to fish! The water temperature was 75 degrees, wind about 10 mph out of the southwest. Found a point where the water was ripping across a bar near a creek mouth and anchored up. Started out with a gold spoon and quickly caught two fish just over the slot and released them. Saw some action just inside the creek mouth, so move about 50 yards so i could reach the area with my casts. First cast was just past the oyster bed which was only covered with about a foot of water. Didn't retrieve the spoon more than three feet and a good size red nailed it and started taking line and going into the creek? I should have pulled the anchor and drifted into the creek, but didn't want to spook other fish in the area. As the fish got tired, i began to to gain line -- but i had to get him across that shallow bar. Got him half way across and he turned and cut me off.. Tied on another spoon, and continued to work the area picking up a 20 inch fish. Moved to another bar and picked up a 22 inch fish. Decided to head back in, wasn't interested in fishing trout and the tide was almost full up !! Two and a half hour trip.


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