Offshore to Inshore

Been a while since I posted on here with all the changes. Thought I'd start back up again with posting two fishing trips the last week and a half. One trip was an offshore trip with a good buddy of mine for a boys long needed day out. We headed out first thing in the morning to catch bait. Ended up loading the net up so heavy I had to have help lifting it over the side. With the livewells blacked out we headed out to about 20mi. Caught some nice gag grouper (still fun to catch even when not in season) and then decided to go look for some cobia. Nothing promising on the second spot and not one rod was bent. The third spot on the way in produced the fish. We ended up hooking into the highly populated spanish's and then got a nice surprise from a flounder. I threw out a nice bait and let it soak on the bottom for a while and just waited. Nothing was much of that spot after the first 15 minues of action so we decided to call it a day and head in. As I'm reeling up the line I got slammed by a serious fish. During the fight I ended up doing a couple laps around the boat and under the anchor line twice (meantime this is all being filmed on the GOPRO). I ended up getting the Cobia boatside and my brother stuck her with the gaff and it was a wrap. Need to figure out a way to edit the vidoes, I got some awesome action of dolphin right next to the boat from underwater and also a 2-300# Goliath nearly eating our grouper following them up from 60' of water.
The next trip was a trip we made a couple days before the offshore trip to some of the islands near Goodland. Fishing was hot and consistant throughout the day. The one picture is a picture of a 38''+ snook my girlfriend lost after it was cut off from my trim tabs. The picture is a still shot from a gopro video. Thought I'd throw those two trips together just for people looking for stories and pictures to look at. Saw a lot of permit roaming around the 15 mile area as well but no crabs were aboard while we were out there unfortunately.






  • IndianoutlawIndianoutlaw Posts: 550 Officer
    Love the pancake shot! Nice report.
  • Capt. MilkCapt. Milk Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    haha gotta love the gopro for those purposes. Headed to the 10K this weekend so hopefully will have some more reports

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