Question for Shimano Rep - Terez TZC70H or XH

jayseasjayseas Posts: 811 Officer
Any insight to why this rod is impossible to find in stock in any retailer in SE FL


  • bantam1bantam1 Posts: 541 Officer
    Probably because these rod actions were designed more for the west coast. Any dealer that carries Terez can order the rod for you if they do not have it in stock.
  • IdlewildeIdlewilde Posts: 1,357 Officer
    What's the deal with Capt. Harry's? I was in there a couple of weeks ago looking for a Terez and they said they stopped carrying them because they were experiencing an unusual number of breakages. They said the warranty was not a problem and Shimano was replacing any rod with no questions, but they said they were having too many dissatisfied customers losing the use of their rod.

    Not bashing as I have a bunch of GLoomis and a few Shimano rods and they are my favorites. Just not sure what the problem may be with the Terez's as I was thinking of getting a couple? :shrug
  • big_tbig_t Posts: 588 Officer
    bantam1 wrote: »
    Probably because these rod actions were designed more for the west coast.

    huh? excuse the cliche, i don't understand. care to elaborate?
  • bantam1bantam1 Posts: 541 Officer
    The dealers will alwasy carry what they think they will sell. These rod actions were designed for specific west coast applications. I'm not saying they won't work for the east coast, but the dealers may try to be "safe" and only carry what they think is correct for their customers.

    As far as Capt. Harry's...I have no idea. I'll try to look into this today and see what is going on. We have not experienced any number of failures with the Terez rods.

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