Using Dry Ice?

XafXaf Posts: 937 Officer
Does anyone use dry ice in their coolers on multiday trips? I've heard that you can use it to extent the cooling ability of regular ice in your cooler. Do you have to keep the dry ice insulated from the cooler to prevent cracking the cooler? Any tips or tricks for using dry ice would be appreciated.


  • DKDDKD Posts: 371 Officer
    I have used it a few times in the past. I don't use it anymore. It is expensive. I used it in the bottom of a cheap cooler and the bottom cracked. I think you would be OK if using it with a higher quality cooler. I found it hard to maintain the temperatures I wanted. Anything touching the dry ice would freeze (not always what you want), and things farther from it would barely be cool.

    There are a lot of coolers on the market that will hold ice for several days, especially if out of the sun. You don't have to go as expensive as the Yeti... My $49 coleman will hold ice for 4-5 days in the cooler months and 2-3 days when it is warmer out as long as I keep it in the shade and don't open the lid too often.
  • M4RealM4Real Posts: 121 Deckhand
    I've been wondering he same thing. Maybe put the dry ice in a tray above everything else so the cold falls down into everything below.
  • isla21isla21 Posts: 2,115 Officer
    Just don"t place it directly on the product you intend to keep cool. It is cheaper than replacing ice on long trips. I wouldn't use it for day trips
  • SpectacularVSpectacularV Posts: 136 Officer
    Look into that new IGLOO Yukon rotomolded cooler. Its a beast.

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