More Wading... More Fish!

The bite had been good, so we figured why not fish some more! Rodney was already out there so we joined him at about 5:15pm. Walked down a ways so we were casting with the stiff 15mph south wind then began to fish. Really really low tide! I was a good 100 yards out from shore and the water was just over knee deep. We work down, catch some jacks and ladyfish then Rodney is slammed. Mid 20 inch snook, but the line down its side is broken! Really cool to see that. Very next cast he catches a baby snook, no bigger than 15 inches long. Go down a little further, then dad is hooked up and the fish is soon airborne. Another mid 20 inch snook that really put on a show. Cleared the water 3 or 4 times. Find a sandbar and I make a long cast with the wind at my back. Perfect cast and about a quarter of the way in I'm slammed. Rod doubled over and drag screaming for a 3rd day in a row! Wasn't really aware how big it was until we get it close to us.. I lip it and don't let go! Break out the measuring tape and it goes 31 inches and fat! For many, this fish would have been dinner, but we get some pictures and I release it to grow bigger as I will never keep a fish that beautiful! Very next cast. Boom! Drag screaming off the reel again... It's a good snook, but the hook pulls about halfway in. Sun is setting and were about to head in.. Then Rodney rattles off an 18 inch trout and another 25 inch snook! Yet another awesome trip... 3 trip snook streak for me! I'll be looking to extend that next time. The snook bite is really heating up! We totaled 5 snook and 3 trout but the redfish eluded us today. They can't hide for long... Not bad for a 2 hour wading trip!

*DOA CAL's.... as always


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