Miami Mutton Report 3/18/12 Day Time Cubera

Today, I was out for fun with my friends from Team Champion, on their 33 Hydrasport, What a nice dry ride. We got out after making plans Friday with a forecast of ENE 15 to 20 Friday afternoon, by this morning it was down to 12 to 14 and seas 2 feet, but in reality it was 2 to 4 East then NE by the end of our trip, with a somewhat slow tide to the north at first followed by a perfect north flowing tide after noon. We started in 60 feet to load up on bait, the speedo and ballyhoos were really thick we loaded up and also got a few tails from the huge ball of tails behind the bait, then we hit deeper water for bigger fish. Got to 90 feet and got the tails behind the boat once again this time they were much bigger, after getting the guys going with that, I started fishing bottom put down my bait, to try out my new outfit that I wanted to brake in, first fish was a battle with a sting ray that I cut the line when I noticed what it was, next bait was about a 7 foot nurse shark, I put the rod on the holder and cranked it to the surface. After my third bait I gave the rod to my friend Andres and he gets a hit that was kicking his a--- and up comes a Cubera snapper,hooked in the bottom jaw, I stuck my hand in the gill and brought it in, we gave a few hi fives, then I noticed that the other two guys are not catching tails they had gone back too far and the chum bag was invaded by speedo, so we decided to stop the chum and go to the bottom, then Andres picked up a keeper mutton and then the sharks took the next three baits we put down, so we picked up and went to another spot were we got the tails up again and started to catch them back to back, before the anchor got loose and we drifted off the spot, so we called it a day. here are a few pics, for more look up Miami Muttonman or Reef Fishing Consultant.Photo233.jpgPhoto235-1.jpgPhoto236-1.jpg


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