First Post 3/17 out of PC

Ok gang this is my first post so go easy on me. If I can get back abd post a pic I will. So, here it goes. Was heading out with the husband of one of my wife's friends. Never met the guy before but he turned out to be great crew. Made a 7 am stop at handler for bait, all the bait guys are great but it just happend to be Handler that day, piced up some double hookd hoo on wire (didnt have mono left). Loaded the Lady Jane with beer, ice etc., met up with a friend in who was getting bait a fisherman's and we buddy boated out towards the 20 mile bouy at 73 degrees WT we started trolling. An hour or so later one knock down that i handed to my guest, no hook up. A few minutes later the next strike came and was mine. Boxed a nice bull after hooking him in 135ft and NE of the Bouy, WT 74.2. The time was about 11am Hit the double rigger hoo on the back hook, he wet mid-20lbs as far as weight. Within 30 minutes my guest boated the next phin, slightly smaller but still a gaffer. Same 135 ft area N of the Bouy WT74.4 degrees, second hook again on the wired hoo. Our buddy boat then boxed a nice bull, looked to be in the high 20's, same area but on mono. Coninuted to work north of the WX bouy, no luck, no other strikes, back to the dock to clean. Really liked the idea of working with another boat nearby and running out with a second boat. The guest is now on the permanent list and the fish has a date with the grill tonight. Thanks for reading next time I will make the report shorter.


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