PC Cobia 3/16/12

Waiting for more ideal ocean forecasts was driving crazy - so made a decision to endure the rocking and rolling today . We basically went straight out of the inlet - to 50 plus feet - surface was around 73o. After an hour or more of heavy rocking and rolling - the only thing we had seen was one big turtle - which might have had diarhea - because everytime we got near him - he expelled a brown plume / cloud into the water behind him ! -- We then moved a few miles south - not quite off PAFB - likely South Cocoa Beach - in about 60 ft of water. There was no large concentration of recreational boaters anywhere that we saw. A few radio reports of guys getting some here and there. We were near ready to quit around 1500 - when I finnally saw one lone average size Cobia. I cast a pink bucktail jig with a paddle tail at him -- he followed it -- would not eat it -- and repeated that several times with the same result. Then my partner threw an old green jointed bomber plug at him -- and he ate that instantly ! It was not a bragging size fish at all at 21 pounds - but will be a nice dinner ! Back at the dock - I saw a girl who had a 65 pounder and two jumbo Kingfish in her cart ! She said they went north of 8 a - that 65 pounder looked like a monster !


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