nice bull shark

monday we headed out for a patrol weather was favorable but not great. we ran a little east towards the achifiliya bay ~~~~~~ dont know how to spell it ~~~~ we were in fifteen feet of water catching sand perch and black bass using sibiki rigs tipped with cut whiting when one of my guys caught a romora and as he was reeling it in the shark that the ramora had been clinging to showed his face a nice 5 foot plus bull shark and and the darted away, of course panic set in as me and anther avid fishermen were trying to get are shark rods out mine had 80 pound test and a braided steel leader and a big hook i looded it with a live sand perch and a dead whiting. through it out with no weight or ballon and we started a chumslick about a hour went by with no sightings. then we herd it no stop bait alarm fool run. i ran over and hooked up and it was on. i fought the shark on rod and reel for about 15 minutes a few good runs on max drag then he got smart and came strait towards are 87 foot boat and got under the ship and wraped the lina around the rudder post and then it was a stalemate i thought he won. we sat there pulling back and forth for about 30 minutes will trying to to break him off the crew behind me trying to devise a plan. i handed the rod of to another guy i was tired and i went towards the bow and what i found was a game changer while he was wrapped around the runnder he still had enough line pulled out that he circleed the 87 foot long boat two full times and the line had rode the anchor line up to the anchor bull nose so we started grabing lines by hand until we foudn the one that he was on my masterchief found him first and he let the masterchief know he wasnt impressed. we fought him for about 20 minutes by hand witch is awsome you canfeel every kick, run , twitch. but it took four people on the gaff (in the uper lip) and 2 on the tail noose. and brought him onboard for some pictures and then released him and he swam away. this was my biggest catch even though it wasnt just my catch the hole crew helped witch was a good team biulding exercise lol .


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