3/10 Tournament Win & Report - Jensen Beach

I first have to say thanks to those who helped coordinate the Dandy-Walker Inshore Charity Fishing Tournament! It had to be lots of work and effort to get this all together. Great start and hope it will continue soon.

Myself and my friend hit the water at 7am and with the sun still down we hit the causeway and got our snook for the first fish and count at 29.75 inches. We worked around Joe's point and no bites. We went north of the Causeway and worked some docks and got a few small trout, nothing worth counting and not even big enough to be legal. Moving North some more and looked in the mangroves to find a few redfish. Threw in some live shrimps and took out 2 redfish back to back at 16" and 19" and those added to the count. After a while the redfish bite turned off and so we went up to the powerplant and I worked out some NEW color paddletail baits from D.O.A. and it was one after another trout, 2 of them were of good size to add to the count both at 16.5 inches and added one more 16" to the dinner cooler. As my friend was working with live shrimp he got lots of ladyfish, jacks, small trout, and he landed a nice sized pompano that we kept (not part of the tournament catch). We tried and tried and tried to find some bigger fish but everywhere we went were small schoolie trout. As time came close to the deadline we headed south back to the ramp and tried again for more reds and trout on the way but the bite turned off. Seemed like the best bite was before noon and in a "Salt and Pepper" bottom.

So far the end of the tournament we turned in our camera and they added up our catch at 98.75 inches total. As we waited and more people were turning in pictures and adding totals we though we were going to get whooped big time. When they announced the prizes we got 2nd place overall (no prizes for 2nd and 3rd), first place got 108". Then they announced the biggest fish overall and we got 1st place for our 29.75" snook and taking home some nice cash! The tournament was very good and there was about 45 people fishing so it was a great start to a first time tournament. The low entry fee was great, local and easy access was a plus, but there are a lot of improvements to make if they do another. Overall it was great, fun, and the weather was PERFECT all for a great cause. I was disappointed that FLORIDA SPORTSMAN didnt take part in the tournament with being a sponsor or giving away prizes and other stuff. There was also some places that were left in the dark about the tournament such as Snook Nook and Coastal Angler Magazine as I was told by Henry, owner of snook nook bait and tackle, as he had no idea there was anything going one except for the weather being nice.


  • Martin LocalMartin Local Posts: 557 Officer
    some respectable fish there buddy. sorry to joupdog that i did not have time to participate.
  • Capt George GozdzCapt George Gozdz Posts: 630 Officer
    Great job for a good cause. Sorry I missed it.

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  • snook87snook87 Posts: 1,707 Officer
    46 anglers participated which was a pretty good turnout. the door prizes were very good but they had nothing for 2nd and 3rd place overall wins, couldnt understand that. but we walked away with some decent money for my friend and I to split for the 1st place big fish so it was worth it.
  • VindawgVindawg Posts: 801 Officer
    Cool...Sounds like a fun dayfor a good cause...Way to go guys.
  • Snookin11Snookin11 Posts: 156 Officer
    great report. wish i could have been there
  • TipboneTipbone Posts: 190 Officer
    Great Job! I am sorry I did not make it too. I was in, I was out, I was In, and finally I was out. could not give up some OT at work I got offered. Needless to say my son was bummed becuase he was ampped about going. should head up there this weekend for sure!
  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,374 Captain
    Nice job guys.

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  • snook87snook87 Posts: 1,707 Officer
    The trout were full of worms so ive decided that they will now be on my release only list. Made up the pompano into ceviche last night. Im curious to know how other people make it if anyone is willing to share a recipe?
  • Martin LocalMartin Local Posts: 557 Officer
    worms are just added protein. they taste great. most fish if not all have some kind of parisite. most you just don't see. as for pompano i usually bake or grill mine with various herbs and seasonings, sometimes a little white wine, garlic, and butter. never hurts to throw some kind of citrus juice in the mix either.
  • snook87snook87 Posts: 1,707 Officer
    Its funny how i just got a message from another member on here (marker954) that called me out on what i said about FS not taking any part in helping out on the tournament via facebook. I heard all the excuses. One saying they did help in so many ways, that member stating FS had no idea about the event and nobody came to them looking for sponsors, but through social media and the news paper it was made clear it was going on, and some of FS members knew the event was going on with proof in the tournament insider on the website. LOTS of finger pointing but even without FS taking part in the event it was great, maybe FS will take part in next years tournament. Hopefully this member can part his ways and be a participator and not a procrastinator! Dont get me wrong, im not upset about FS in any way, just a certain person or just his personality has a problem or just having a bad day since I know he is a pretty good friendly guy.

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