Site Casting Snook In the St. Lucie River Friday Night!

snookcooksnookcook Posts: 229 Officer
Took a quick trip out tonight after a week of ever blowing wind. The river was a sheet of glass. Thought it would be good to get out and throw the fly rod at some snook under the lights.. Put in at Sandsprit Park on the end of the incoming tide. Hit the first couple of docks and found a bunch of small fat snook chowing down some small creatures that were floating by. I put a cast in with a small white deciever & it got picked up right a way. It was small too, about 14 inches. Could have stayed there all nite..Threw him back & decided to do a little exploring. Visited quit a few spots that would make better daytime spots, otherwise there were few fish on them. Will def. I will check them out a little later. Could only stay out about and hour after doing some investigating decided to hit up the old faithful docks. When I got there, like usual, it was going off. Nice medium size to slot snook feeding on small shrimp. After posting up into a good casting position, It was my buddy's turn with the fly rod, so on his second cast he dropped one right into the kill zone! On its way out, Bam!! We are on. The fish tears out all the fly line he had on deck and heads for the pilings. I start reversing us with the trolling motor. I am trying to get the boat out into open water, when a nice snook comes flying out of the water. Very nice show of acrobatics. Finally get him out after a really nice adrenaline filled fight. We get him right to the boat and I was able to net him. After measuring and a few quick photos we let him go. He went about 27.5 inches.. Could have stayed there all night too!! Back in the day, I remember when 24 inches was a keeper & I was stoked to get them. Now after the regs went to 26" and now 28" I am even more stoked to catch them regularly just shy of 28". Even the tho slots are good too. I would rather let them grow & have babies. Thanks to all those supporting the slot sizes enabling us to catch bigger fish every year. That fish was lucky because, by buddy's wife just bought a new freezer & requested he fill it.... Maybe next time. The tide stopped & so did the bite. Getting up early to do it again.. The bite is really good in the St. Lucie River right now. Heading up to the Indian in the Morning..It is good up there too. More trout & reds, will see!


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