Homosassa 3/8 Florida Sportsman TV Nature Coast Shoot

Blair contacted me a couple weeks ago and asked if I would help out by doing an inshore segment for thier television series "Destinations" Our part was the Nature coast area. I agreed figuring it would be relatively easy to put together some inshore action this time of year. Well a couple of curve balls were toosed my way. Mother nature decided to blow 20 out of the east for a solid week having me worried about having enough water to even get near my fish. The other part was a real challenge. I was to use thier boat, thier rods, thier lures that were thier sponsors. No mirrodines just Rapala lures and only Penn rods and reels. Dave Conway showed up wed eve with a 24' triton with a 300 merc in tow along with his cameraman Cavin. Dave had asked me to have a fishing buddy tag along so I invited Joe Blasko to join us knowing his fishing expertise would be a great addition to any program. We had a great dinner on FS while we planned out the following day. After breakfast and some morning prep we hit the water at 10:00 and headed down river to the area I have been working the past few weeks. The wind wasn't a factor but there were 4 boat parked in the same area I fish and one was incredibly inconsiderate about running right through the area we were fishing. All that aside we worked the rapalas and soft plastics through our deeper cuts while waiting for the tide to turn to incomming. The trout and ladyfish were eager to bite keeping us busy untill the tide turned. The water was 68 degrees and very clear. We picked away at lower slot and underslot trout for a while and as the tide came in we moved into position to take a shot at some larger fish. Just like ther plan we started to hit 19" and 20" trout and redfish a bit later. The largest redfish was 27" on the button. We sent the FS boys home with a few fillets and tossed back the rest. We landed about half a dozen large trout and countless lower slot and under slot trout, 3 redfish to 27". It turned out to be a great half day on the water with some cool folks for FS. Black and silver flatraps, green and white clackinraps, newpenny and natural gulp shrimp were all top producers.The Penn Battle reels spooled with Berkely invisabraid on 7 1/2' penn inshore rods all performed very well. We did have time for on the water stills so you will have to watch the show on the sportsman channel or sun sports in about 6 weeks. I will keep you posted.

This place Rocks if yer a crabber


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