Down At the Boardwalk! downtown Stuart

I could not stand it. I can see the Roosevelt bridge from where I am. The wind has died down & my tide clock says High Tide. I need to get to bed butttttt, the water is about to start flowing so, I grabbed my rod and walked down the boardwalk to the bridge. When I got down there I found my buddy fishing a point with his mirror lure. He got a couple lady fish but nothing else, after shootin the breeze for a bit, we got to talking about the bite. Tons of fish were breaking the surface, so I asked him if he had anything smaller. I could see tiny shrimp running for their lives. He shows me his tackle box which had a few top water plugs & among other things buried at the bottom, two, dark brown terror eyez DOA jigs, I point to them and say there you go. Put that on, throw it out and wind it back slow. I wanted to see what was happening on the cat walk & scout out the old bridge, so I went for a walk with my flare hawk. People were catching croakers on the cat walk & after making about fifty casts and loosing one jig on the bottom, I decided to walk the old Roosevelt. It was so calm out with the out going tide, I could see tons of fish breaking the surface. Looked a lot like lady fish, and I suspect some Tarpon. I wasn't up on the bridge for ten minutes when I got a call from my buddy who was fishing the point. I run down to see what was up. He landed a nice 30 inch snook on that little DOA Terror Eyez. Unfortunately, In the process he snapped his rod! I had my camera so I snapped a couple of pics for him. He has another rod with him and planned on fishing some more. I had to go, but wanted to post it for him.


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