Stuart, St. Lucie Inshore

I fished all last week in the St. lucie river.. was too busy to report but fish everyday some days twice Every day the same action.. Snook, Trout, Snapper, Jacks, Bluefish, Moon Fish, Lady fish, mostly threw live mullet up on seawall & shrimp under the bridge. Went threw lots of dozens of mullet.. Tons of Jack and Snook in the St. Lucie. Also tons of Trout.. went out one night with the fly rod and got a bunch of trout and snook. Everyday has been the same. Big mullet up on a seawall & Boooom! The thing gets crushed!.. When I had anglers on the boat we caught fish. Had some newbies and we missed them. Everyone one caught fish. not everyone caught dinner though.. Everyone had a great time. Today I met a crew and took them up to the ten cent bridge where we caught snapper & short snook. Headed back to the North fork to escape the East Wind and hooked up a nice 28 inch snook. Before we left the Ten cent we got a nice keeper trout and a keeper snapper.. After visiting a couple more seawalls, One of my clients wanted to keep a Jack to see what it tastes like.. I will let you know what he says about it. Fished the incoming.


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