SLI Offshore 2-16 late report

We got a late start and cleared the inlet at 7:30 with overcast skies. Since it was just my wife and I, we decided to skip the livies and just troll some bally's. We dropped the riggers at 80' and started to set the spread. First out was a feather lure on the shotgun which was immediately hit by a small bonita. Tnen as soon as all the lines were set, the long goes off and my wife reels in a really small peanut.

We several more of these within minutes. All were released to grow bigger. As soon as we hit 105' the long bait gets hit again, this time a really nice bull.

Then they started coming one right after another. We followed a decent current change in 105' that was starting to form a weedline. Then the short rigeer goes off andthe reel is screaming. Thought it was just a big bonita but it tgurns out to be a nice hoo!

We just followed that weedline back and forth over about a mile stretch and every time, we picked up another nice phin. At 9:30, my wife declares that she is exhausted and is ready to call it a day. We trolled a little more but were back at the marina by 11 am. We never made it out past 120'. All in all, a very nice morning of good catching.
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  • WIXWIX Posts: 327 Officer
    very nice! sounds like a great couple of hours
  • LET'S GOLET'S GO Posts: 2,040 Captain
    Nice work we may be going out too deep thanks for the report.

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  • Go MongoGo Mongo Posts: 2,107 Captain
    That is a fantastic report. Smart to focus on that current change regardless of the depth. Paid off.
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  • Lori Jo FishingLori Jo Fishing Posts: 666 Officer
    Very Nice!!! Those are some solid phins and a nice wahoo. Congrats. Thanks for sharing.
  • reeladventuresreeladventures Posts: 304 Officer
    Nice work out there!
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  • VindawgVindawg Posts: 801 Officer
    Killer job...
  • isla21isla21 Posts: 2,115 Officer
    Solid fish you got there. Nice haul and thanks for sharing
  • ShoelessShoeless Posts: 2,064 Captain
    Great report and fish in the box, can't complain about that.
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,428 Admiral

    Way to go!!!

    You have some good eats there for sure.

    Congrats to your wife and btw... that little peanut is very cute.. could have made a pet out of him. :wink

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