Big exstinct gags and a frisky shark 2-7

The weather looked decent so I tried to get a crew together but only my buddy Kit could ride out,oh well time to go find something willing to put up a battle.On the way out about 12 miles out we see something that looked very stange,there was a loon diving down and there was a huge colorspot under him.We pulled up and to our surprise it was a massive whale shark with a school of bait fish all around him,the loon was diving down getting him some.I made the mistake of taking my eye off the whale shark fetching the camera,when I got he dove down never to be seen again.dooohhh
There was a full moon so that usually means a tough daytime bite for the snapps and it sure was,however the gag bite was silly.Many break-offs and some that made it to get there picture taken.
After the gag stopped firing on live shrimp and DOA shrimp I put out a jack fillet and it didnt take long,a nice shark ate it and the battle was fun on spinning tackle,got some nice video of him then cut the leader as close as I could for a good release.


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