Kayak Sailfish off Dania 1/29/12

Well, where do I begin. How about, no one was up for Pompano and the second I walked out the door I saw lightning...solo trip and lightning. Well a few months ago I had a BAD run-in with a hammerhead and will only go solo on nice days when there are fellow boaters in the sea. Today was not that day. I saw the storm was pushing east and wouldn't be a problem. But, I knew Rob was heading out of Dania. But, no bait in Dania.

Ran to the bait shop here in Pompano, picked up some live bait and hauled **** to Dania. Didn't get there till around 640 launched round 7...way late launch. After some work finally met up with Rob and Chad round 300' of water. They had a spanish and a bonnie by then. Third drop down, hook up with a nice 12# Almaco that said a big FU to me as I reached for him and went down yonder.

We moved north in a hurry was past the inlet in no time and decided to head in some to shoot south. Made it to 150' round the marker bouy and tossed in a livie to troll back. Rob saw some slashing, I opened the bail and let some line out. (BTW 50#Flouro, 4/0 hook) Got a tug, felt like a stinkin remora, tug, hook set, and JUMP!!! I don't care if I catch 100 more of these creatures...It's still awesome.

Was nice to meet ya Chad and great to fish with ya again Rob, thanks for the shots and video brother! As for Craig...I HATE YOU!!! (Not really) But, if it weren't for you this fish would be on the grill! You don't need a HMS Permit to bring a sail back to land, as long as you're in FL water and it's of size. Unfortunately for me, I found out when I got home, But, I'm sure the fish is happy...till next time! Here's a few shots, felt good to finally get out again...:fishing


  • INTREPID377INTREPID377 Posts: 3,699 Captain
    OK...I'm IMPRESSED!!!!
  • bababouybababouy Posts: 558 Officer
    uh yeah, im a little impressed with the kayak movement. A few months ago on a trip out of Boca Inlet, I battled through a series of breakers to get out. me and the two other guys on board were soaked from spray coming over the bow. as soon as we get out the inlet there is an older dude in a kayak off of the starboard bow, trolling two lines and cruising along like everything was cool.
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  • SaltysackSaltysack Posts: 463 Officer
    Yeah...that's how we roll baba...when the seas are rough, less people peein in the pool ya know! And ususally it's more experienced boaters out in those conditions that you don't have to worry about your weekend warriors swiggin a brew as he's cruisin right over the top of you. Plus you'd be amazed at how a yak just rolls with the waves and you're not being knocked around by em.
  • chiliandochiliando Posts: 609 Officer
    Wow! You got more balls than I do! Nice sail!
  • swordslayer71swordslayer71 Posts: 398 Officer
    Great job, always cool to see larger fish taken from a 'yak.
  • SevenSalsSevenSals Posts: 27 Greenhorn
    Salty..congrats on the catch.

    I gotta ask though, what was the "BAD" run in with the hammerhead. When i go, i go out of pompano as well. I don't go as often as I would like because I usually cant convince someone to head out. I have always considered going out solo, but never have. Just curious what your experience was. Trying to understand if I am being reasonable or just plain soft.
  • SaltysackSaltysack Posts: 463 Officer
    Thanks fellas...As for the Hammerhead run-in, long story short. Nobody showed up for the trip. I went outta boca inlet solo, paddling out in 70' with no lines in the water. When a 10' HH came and did 2 vicious circles (I'm used to them circling but this was diffent) and went down. Next thing I'm being lifted into the air, roughly 1.5' outta my seat and thankfully was able to land on my kayak when I came down. After my heart finally calmed down I continued on, but, nearly sold my shi+ after that trip. Took me a while to get back out on a solo trip
  • reeladventuresreeladventures Posts: 304 Officer
    Great job out there! Thanks for sharing it with us...
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  • JoeGiulJoeGiul Posts: 453 Deckhand
    Geez that is something special.
    Joe G.
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  • newyorkernewyorker Posts: 125 Officer
    That is some serious s*** dude... **** indeed.. hell of a catch...
  • mtd885mtd885 Posts: 1,159 Officer
    Brave Guys! Not enough Freeboard for me. Nice Catch! I was out one flat calm day back in the last century. I was sitting on my cooler eating lunch when a huge fin came out of the water and went right by my skiff no farther than 2 feet away. The fin was taller than I was sitting on the cooler!!! If those Hammers are that curious of an 18 ft flats boat I can't imagine being charged by one when you are in Yak!!!! SCARY:hairraiser
  • SaltysackSaltysack Posts: 463 Officer
    Thanks fellas! It definitely has it's exciting moments in more ways than one. Worth everybit of it. My buddy and I have literally done the sunup-->sundown trips in the summertime covering up to 50miles between drifting and paddling only costing $20 for the day between parking and bait. However...no high speed trolling.
  • reelgrimmreelgrimm Posts: 445 Officer
    sweet work on that sail! As for the hammerhead... DANG!
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,347 Admiral
    nice job! not sure if it's you but a few weeks ago I was running out of PE, it was a 1-2' chop and a little overcast, not the best of visibility. There were two kayakers about 300 yds apart. One of them had a flag sticking up about 3-4', the other one did not. It was VERY DIFFICULT to see the one without the flag, the flag stood out from a long way away. I greatly appreciated being about to see the one guy easily. Anything that you can do to make yourself more visible would be appreciated.
  • Dream CatcherDream Catcher Posts: 205 Officer
    Nice Job. My first sailfish was caught off a kayak. When I was in college @ FAU in Boca I would fish offshore before classes. Great times doing that. Plenty of nice kings, tuna, muttons etc... Nice drop offs just north of the boca inlet.

    The life guards would always shake their heads when they saw me paddle in with an assortment of "offshore" fish.
    Its NOT the boat that catches the fish. :fishing
  • SaltysackSaltysack Posts: 463 Officer
    Dpdash - Not sure if it was me out there, I think I was out that way then. As for sticking out, I have a 14' Orange kayak and always where a blaze orange shirt. Can't miss that, It took me some time to give in to wearing those bright colors, but, it pays off.
  • Reel PriorityReel Priority Posts: 79 Deckhand
    Amazing job man, thanks for the pics!

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