Day 3 PCB

Well we were planning on taking family to Shell Island today but am rain put damper on that so part of the group decided to go shopping and we thought we would hit the bay or something but seas looked nice so we went after kings again

For the most part not a bad day, ended up with 5 kings and my nephews had a blast even though youngest nephew battled sea sickness again. He was a trooper and said he wanted to catch one and ended up with the biggest king of the day. All fish were caught on the very long way back lines on top, nothing on downriggers. We did have one bit on the downrigger but broke a king rig.

NOW THE FUN PART, as we boated the last king and I was telling them to be careful the king flipped and somehow I ended up with the stinger treble hook in my left arm, DEEP

Bro in law was a pro, he and my oldest nephew held the fish in a death grip and cut the wire from the rod and for the stinger hook but bro in law saw how deep it was in. I thought it just stuck in but was down deep and honestly no pain. So we loaded up and came back in and actually helped them clean some fish till Admiral and Sis in law came and took me to Sea Breeze Medical and the staff there was great and after a few local shots Heidi cut the hook out and stitched my arm up

Will try and post some pics later on but we had a blast for the most part


  • fishstickerfishsticker Posts: 500 Deckhand
    Sounds like some good fishing. A hook in my arm ruins my day. Thats a good job keeping a positive attitude.
    "Those that give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither."
    Benjamin Franklin
  • BeckBeck Posts: 2,321 Officer
    Nice job on the Kings.......hooks in the arm suck!

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