Keaton Beach 11/25 thru 11/27/2011

Headed down this weekend for some inshore action.
Friday my Dad, brother Scott and I headed out in the negative tide but did make it out. Caught fish on the first stop. Had 12 nice keeper trout in a couple of hours. When the tide changed the fish quit. Went to try and catch a red with no luck. About 2:00 they picked back up. Caught several shorts then Dad caught a nice 21" trout. Moved a little closer in and finished out our trout limit and Dad caught a nice 19" red.

Saturday Dad, Brother Cory, and I Headed out in the mud and our first stop we limited out on Trout by 10:00. Went to try the reds again and only produced some shorties. A good day any way. My brother Scott took his wife and the neices and nephew out for about an hour. My niece Chloe caught a nice 18" trout and Chandler & Abbie both caught a 16" trout. Chloe also caught a 15". They got bored pretty quick so they came on in.

Sunday My brother Scott and I headed out in a little more water than previous 2 days. We fished hard and only could catch shorties. Finally Scott catches a FAT 21" trout. Fished hard only to snag a ton of 14 7/8" trout and 1 nice rock Bass. Moved in and I caught a nice 19" red. Boat started acting crazy and I didn't want to risk being stuck out there on Sunday and we needed to get the boat and the house cleaned up and head home.

Great Thanks Giving weekend and thanks to Mother Ocean.


  • brotherinlawbrotherinlaw Posts: 2,724 Captain
    Good deal sounds like a good time
  • BigfootBigfoot Posts: 9,343 Admiral
    Good dillio!
    Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos & sometimes the most judgmental people you meet go to church on Sundays...
  • Sopchoppy RedneckSopchoppy Redneck Posts: 1,421 Officer
    Sounds like a GREAT way ta spend the holiday to me!!
  • dewyafishdewyafish Posts: 4,929 Captain
    Sounds like a great weekend with family and catching some fish.
    There's nothing more enjoyable than suprise morning sex...
    Unless you happen to be in jail at the time.
  • dotroddotrod Posts: 42 Greenhorn

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