SeaDek vendor suggestions?

I'm developing plans to add SeaDek combing bolsters to the cockpit of my boat.  I'd think about a helm pad too, but I'm just skeptical of it being as sure traction a surface as my non-skid.  Yes, I know DIY is available, but I think I'm going to need custom segments anyway to fit around the rear bench seat mounting points.

Who can you guys suggest, preferably based on past positive experience, to do this job for me?


  • Conchy CritterConchy Critter Posts: 1,023 Officer
    I have had the helm pad  for 3 years and love it. Planning on adding the combing bolsters soon. Just take your measurements and order to fit. It's very easy to install yourself.
  • fishfullthinkingfishfullthinking Posts: 60 Greenhorn
    I just put helm pad on my boat. Big difference as far as getting beat up from long runs. The install was very easy. If you look on youtube they have instructional videos. Did not think just a piece of foam would make such a big difference. Should have done it years ago.
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    I had several areas done a few months ago from OpenWaterConcepts in Stuart.  They did a nice job, I really like it.  I had bolsters, helm pad, toe pad, console top, cooler seat, front seat and a swim deck done.  I also got a quote from another company and it was comparable.   Couple things to keep in mind.  If I had to do it again, I would not pay for the install.  Have them come map your boat, cut and deliver it.  Its literally peel and stick, pretty easy.  Just follow the guidance about how to take off a piece of the backing first, stick one side, then lift and stick the other.  You only get one chance.  

    That said, whichever company you use, be prepared to literally beat down their door for it.  I started with another company, after 3 months of no response or being put off, I went with Open Water Concepts.  I think both are so busy you have to beg for their attention.  Good guys, but you have to stay on them.  The industry could use a serious Customer Service overhaul.  Also the custom designs will cost you about $75, but I think having at least one really dressed it up.  They also upcharge for the teak look and the pinline.

    Also, a lot of colors and 2 tone are not available as DIY.   Just single color from what I found.

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    Don’t bang on anyone’s door just to give them money.  If they’re too busy for you, they obviously don’t need your money and you should take your business elsewhere.
  • MakoLogicMakoLogic Posts: 600 Officer
    ya that was my thought too...and why I told the first company to forget it after about 2 months of trying to get them to come measure.  I will give Open Water Concepts props for delivering on time...when we were finally able to make the deal (about a month after first contact) I told them I needed it installed within 2 weeks.  Apparently that's a tight timeline for this.  They did come through and I got it installed exactly the last day I needed it before I had a trip planned.  Overall I was happy with them.  SeaDek is the  best material in my opinion for this stuff, but the installers in FL all seem to have plenty of work. I'm just saying that if you go with an installer in Florida, its a common complaint I've heard is that you have to chase them.  I wanted a clean CNC look with the designs, teak pattern and 2 tone material, so DIY wasn't an option for me.
    Fisherman, outdoors enthusiast, and software geek (not necessarily in that order, depending on the day)
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    Formerly TxToFl...

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