Keaton Beach Offshore Fishing Map


   Going to up fishing out of Keaton Beach in a few weeks (mostly offshore),  Looking to get a map that has various locations on it but not sure what map to get.  Understand we can just head about 20+ miles out and start looking at the bottom machine but know there are some maps that have areas already highlighted or wrecks that we might want to start with.  Plan grouper and ARS fishing most days. 


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    sea **** marina in steinhatchee used to print a list of numbers.
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    The florida sportsman store (here on this website, look at the top right corner) has printed maps with numbers to wrecks, reefs, and hard bottom areas. they are very helpful and a good $16 investment
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    nick said:
    Slacker said:
    sea **** marina in steinhatchee used to print a list of numbers
    How sissified has this site become that “h a g” is censored? Come on! lol
    That’s funny right there
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    I see 4 stars not 3, is it really that word he's typing or something else that's getting censored? Maybe it's always 4 stars and i never noticed. 
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    I don't get the **** deal either. Maybe the software is thinking "F" .. ?
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    If I edit it, it shows.. ?
    "You'll get your weather"

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