The week in review

I will throw this all together since it is all getting mushed together in my own head and if I don't post it now it will be worse. The heat is so crazy oppressive now that we are solidly in "summer pattern" ...that when I get home I eat my lunch and fall soundly asleep...till thunder wakes me. 
What I can say is that last Friday and Saturday I got a slam....# 34 and 35 and 4 in a row....a decent streak for me in general.
I'm trying to remember if anything was much to talk about but I honestly don't recall 5 trips back. In looking at pics...I did have 3 bottom slot Reds on that's good. Saturday I did have a couple pretty nice trout along with some smalls.

But, I do remember Sunday was a stinker. I had a grandaughters recital to attend so I could not stay very long but it would not have mattered....a couple small Trout and a small snook...

Monday, was a totally different day.....and a slam. This was a very nice snook....


The Red...had 11 spots


and the Trout was a beauty too..



Tuesday, was a day to forget. It started by me walking out to the truck...but when I put it in drive...I knew something was wrong.
I get out of the yard and hear Plop Plop Plop... Apparently, sometime in the overnight hours...the tire catastrophically failed. It looked like a highway speed blow out. So, it is 5:45 AM and I am jacking trailers and running my impact wrench...wife was annoyed with that type of wake up.....but probably knew that this was not the time or place to talk with me about it. I get to the ramp and it is well after 7.... Get 8 trout and a couple small snook but never see a Red.....crazy heat and have to get to the tire store so I bag it and am on the trailer at 9....and have a new tire by 10.... ugh, what a morning.

Wednesday, is a bit better...because I did get a slam...but not much more. A couple palm size jacks and a ladyfish before catching two Trout. I keep on it and get a small snook and pull it out at the end with a nice Red. That is #37 



So we come to today...a good day also. I was worried about getting out a little late since there was a major accident on CR 512 that had the road blocked...a long loop around and I get out and hit the first spot...empty...move and get a small trout to start the game... I run south to hit a little higher tide phase and start working a few spots and a little overhanging mangrove is hiding a pretty Red.


I move around the corner and the very next bump out...


so...that makes #38....but that isn't all... I wind up getting 6 more snook..two that were very picture's one


but one has a great story too. 

So, I moved south a bit to keep in a little more tide and pull a nice trout off a point....I keep banging around and pitch the CAL up into a shallow indent...and Holy Hannah!  It's streaks out and cuts the corner while I'm hard on the troller and doing the
 down & dirty rod sweep trying to keep from getting cut off..... but...I lose the race...and this fish has woven it's way thru the luck would have it...I feel her still on.  I run in and recover my line as bast I can...and seeing no real alternative...empty my pockets and jump over....nutz deep :#     I try and work the rod around the limbs but it is no I open the bail and set the rod in the mangroves.  I see about 20 feet ahead...she is lazily swimming at the surface but not moving. I go to stealth mode and slip in behind her...reach into the water and find the 10 lb mono.  I slide my hand up the line towards her till I feel the leader knot....a couple inches and I half wrap the leader and pull slightly...she rolls on her side and I grab her lip! I lift her and she somehow gills my thumb...and I'm bleeding...A LOT! but I have her...I bite the leader and she is free...I hike with her back to the skiff and get a pic.... 35 inches.  I revive her and she slinks back to her spot. I wind in what is totally messed up nicked line and cut it all off and retie the leader.


A great fish...that I will remember for a while.... 
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


  • Net 30Net 30 Posts: 960 Officer
    Love it - hand to gill combat in the summer heat.  You da' Man!
  • Topwater GuyTopwater Guy Posts: 405 Deckhand
     B) B) B) B) B)  
    Lead, Follow..... Just, Get Out of the Way
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 18,500 AG
    Quick update... 

    Was able to get a slam today...but nowhere near as good snook fishing as yesterday.


    and one other smaller one...

    The only Red.....


    and 8 trout...about half slots and half shorts... all but the one bigger snook was on a white CAL  

    That's three in a row....#39 

    If you are going this weekend.... It will be a falling tide....get out early because the bite quits early. 
    There are many roads to travel
    Many things to do.
    Knots to be unraveled
    'fore the darkness falls on you
  • MarlinmanMarlinman Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Glad to see someone bending a rod, especially when it keeps the "slam streak" alive. Congrats my friend.
  • FogFog Posts: 61 Greenhorn
    What a great memory you will have of being nutz deep and getting the fish! 
    Truly a enjoyable read. Thanks for posting it.
    Also did you go on the trip you won here? If so I missed any comments about it.
  • seadog517seadog517 Posts: 163 Deckhand
    nice snook, and a good story..keep those slam going
  • fishhutfishhut Satellite BeachPosts: 13 Greenhorn
    nice job

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