Where's the bait???



  • blakhawkdocblakhawkdoc Posts: 27 Greenhorn
    Thanks for sharing Dream!
  • bluechipbluechip Posts: 167 Deckhand
    Found a dozen gogs right off the beach on some structure on 12/24, right before the sun poked the horizon. very short bite, but enough to fish with.
  • TaylorDogTaylorDog Posts: 68 Greenhorn
    Which shore?
  • parrotheadparrothead Posts: 171 Officer
    Hey...you know anyone selling bait at Boynton Beach?
  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
    TaylorDog wrote: »
    Which shore?

    They are all over the place. They move around a lot.
  • CoastalCatchCoastalCatch Posts: 236 Deckhand
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    Find structure....and chum....they will come!  :)

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  • DiegoBianchiDiegoBianchi Posts: 7 Greenhorn

    Anyone have any bait info on the Boca Raton area??

  • gatormonroegatormonroe Posts: 198 Deckhand

    Nothing substantial, but I have recently seen some small baits, maybe 2 inches long and probably small pilchards, just off of Gumbo Limbo in the ICW. If you're looking for some snapper candy, that may help. If you're looking for sailfish bait then you're out of luck.

  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
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    Medium to large ballyhoo are around, near shore, in small schools.
  • CoastalCatchCoastalCatch Posts: 236 Deckhand
    Hillsboro: Speedos will come to you if you anchor near structure and chum.

    CAUTION...they have weak mouths so bring them in gently or you'll pull the hooks!


    'The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.' ~ George Orwell

  • mik8881mik8881 Posts: 98 Greenhorn
    Any bait off Stuart ? 
  • Serenity NowSerenity Now Posts: 429 Deckhand
    Anybody finding any pilchards from Boynton to Stuart ?
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  • FinsatiableFinsatiable Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Any bait in Stuart?
  • Wade MatthesWade Matthes Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Any reports off Fort Pierce?
  • bigjdb097bigjdb097 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Any pilchard around Boca Raton or Hillsboro?

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