Boca Inlet Bait

Anyone finding any Pilchards in the inlet yet?


  • AnyhooAnyhoo Posts: 134 Deckhand
    I'll let you know on Saturday :)
  • MGDMGD Posts: 986 Officer
    Was there on my bike this am...didnt see any
  • b1gdog83b1gdog83 Posts: 97 Greenhorn
    Anyhoo said:
    I'll let you know on Saturday :)
    Any report?

  • b1gdog83b1gdog83 Posts: 97 Greenhorn
    edited April 17 #5
  • egplantegplant Posts: 40 Greenhorn
    As of yesterday nothing in the inlet. Did notice the old seawall is covered in sand probably from the beach restoration. Could be a barren summer this year.
  • b1gdog83b1gdog83 Posts: 97 Greenhorn
    I've heard a couple reports of Pilchards showing up in Boca.  Can anyone confirm? I plan on going Thursday and seeing for myself
  • BarracudaBarracuda Posts: 767 Officer
    Haven't seen many since the dredging several years ago...

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