Shooting Iguanas?

Gary MGary M Posts: 13,069 AG

Residence in Ft Lauderdale
Iguanas ON the property

Can I shoot them to kill, by using a pellet gun or any sort of air propelled rifle ON my property?

I know that I can kill them but it has to be in one motion. Beating them to death is not legal.

If anyone has a slam dunk solution to keeping them off the property (not getting a dog), sing out please!

Thanks in advance!


  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 3,842 Captain
    You telling me that a baseball bat to the head isn't a slam dunk? I would think that would be way more effective than a pellet gun. What are the regulations for discharging a weapon in your area?
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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,069 AG
    Ever tried to get within even 10 feet of one? Whooooosh, right in the canal.

    I'm 'asking' in this Section because it's titled "Ask The Law".....
  • Ron@.38 SpecialRon@.38 Special Posts: 6,748 Admiral
    CAn't shoot em
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 3,429 Captain
    There was a article in the Sun Sentinel a few weeks ago addressing this issue. As long as pellet guns are legal in your City, yes you can shoot them according to the paper. My search engine is on the fritz but if you google the keywords: Iguanas, Sun Sentinel ,Killing, legal, etc. you might be able to find the article.It was pretty much in depth.

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  • Ron@.38 SpecialRon@.38 Special Posts: 6,748 Admiral
    OK, current story.
    Neighbor is out back on the canal this afternoon when someone across the canal has a company running up the seawalls shooting iguanas with a pellet gun. Pellets were bounding off her house. She called me to say she heard pellet hitting my boat.

    So we called BSO and Boca PD. 

    Wrong time in our lives to call in a shooter in your backyard. 

    Within minutes there were a dozen police on the seawall with assault rifles looking for an active shooter!!!!  And BSO swat was on our side looking.   They ultimately wrote some kind of warning to the iguana catchers.

  • CyclistCyclist Posts: 22,364 AG
    Blow gun with tiny little broad head.

    For reference, watch the Rat Movie - I posted the trailer for the movie in the "rat in grill thread". 

  • BobberBobber Posts: 876 Officer
    Weren't you guys ever kids???

    Slingshot baby, modern hunting models are waay beyond the toys I grew up with. Deadly on iguanas from 30'
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,069 AG
    Yeah, it's the missed shots that might hit something beyond the lizard that bothers me. I would never stand out in the back yard to shoot one but my patio would be more discreet. I'd line up the shot with nothing beyond in case I missed.
  • AndrewFLAndrewFL Posts: 51 Greenhorn
  • StryderStryder Posts: 172 Deckhand
    Read the article in Sentinel which notes the one trapper sells the meat, anyone tried it ? Misses and ricochets from pellet gun or slingshot could be problematic. 

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  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 3,842 Captain
    Stryder said:
     Misses and ricochets from pellet gun or slingshot could be problematic. 
    Which is kind of why discharging a firearm in a city is illegal usually.
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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,069 AG
    Talked to a Jamaican guy once and he confirmed that they do eat them there!

    There's also a show on (Outdoor Network?) TV called 'Dead Meat' where the host eats all sorts of critters like python, armadillo and in one show, he went out with a guy who shoots Iguanas legally and then they cooked one up!
  • probate-rprobate-r Posts: 252 Deckhand
    Down at my office in Davie we see people at least once or twice a week catching them up and down the Griffin Road Canal.  Nooses on Cane poles and cane poles with snag hooks seem to be the tool of choice.  I talked to one of the guys one time and he confirmed he sells them, but they have to be live when he delivers them.  So taking that idea a little further, how about a really long cane pole with a light wire noose to noose them, then a baseball bat to the head for the 1 motion rule?
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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,069 AG
    Yep, that might work. If I go slowly, I can sometimes get to within 8-10 feet of them. But, being right next to the canal (their main escape route!), might make it tough.....
  • s8angs8ang Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Find something that provides you cover, place a frisbee full of cut watermelon within reach of your cane pole noose/snatch hook contraption. When they are eating and distracted you should be able to snag them. My buddy uses a headhunter pole spear with a slip tip and shoots them out of trees, chops them into bite size chunks marinate in mojo and grilled! Not bad!

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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,069 AG
    Or a raw oyster!!

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