Half cent sales tax hike straight to the crapper.



  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 18,504 AG
    Dr. Barille ( a son of south Brevard county) has hurt himself professionally in an effort to bring the real science to light.....the "powers that be"...do not like what he has to say...because...the truth is a bitter pill to swallow.  
    There are many roads to travel
    Many things to do.
    Knots to be unraveled
    'fore the darkness falls on you
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    JohninFl said:
    I currently serve as the (volunteer) President of the Florida Sport Fishing Assoc in east central Fl. I am also a volunteer member of the Lagoon Oversight Committee.
    John Durkee
    John - as a member of the oversight committee, can you comment on the FL Today articles and I believe some accusation from John Tobia regarding the lagoon tax $$ being spent on Viera astro turf ($5 million) and other park/Viera improvements?
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    That's the Tourist Development Tax (TDT) , not the 1/2 cent sales tax.  A recent law change added lagoon cleanup as a additional thing commissioners can choose to spend the TDT on.  Some people aren't happy the commissioners chose to spend $5M of TDT money on the same kind of things they have in the past instead of shifting it to lagoon cleanup.  The 1/2 cent sales tax can still only be spent on lagoon cleanup.  There is disagreement on the plan to spend the 1/2 cent sales tax that was also voiced at the same meeting.
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    Stray is correct.  The Governor signed a HB giving descretion to divert funds targeted for commissioner pet projects to lagoon restoration but 3 of 5 commissioners voted against using the $5M for lagoon clean up.
    there is a similar thread on IRL/Banana River water condition with similar discussion.
    Geco: can you elaborate on the discussion or disagreement regarding the projects proposed and presumably funded  in 2018.
    comment in the aforementioned thread as well please.
    share your thots

  • ChadChad Posts: 106 Deckhand
    Thanks for the clarification.
  • whole lot of lovewhole lot of love Posts: 46 Greenhorn
    seeing progress in our neighborhd!   new sewer lines are being put in as i type this.   the area their fixing ive seen leaking three times past 5 yrs.    thankyou all

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