Chronic Wasting Disease

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"That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole of the law. The rest is commentary."

Rabbi Hillel (c20 BCE)


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    There are scattered pockets in Missouri.

    " ... 15 deer tested positive for chronic wasting disease out of 19,500 tested since July. There were nine cases in the state last year."

    " About 16,000 deer were tested over the first two days of the firearm deer season in November. Other tested deer include road kill in high-risk areas, deer killed by landowners and deer found dead from apparent illness.

    Diseased deer were found in eight counties spread across the state: Four in Linn, three in Franklin, two each in Macon and Ste. Genevieve, and one each in Cedar, Jefferson, Polk and St. Clair counties.

    Fifty-seven deer with the fatal brain disease have been found in Missouri since 2012."
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    Be glad you don't have it yet!

    We have a couple confirmed cases in our county. About 20 miles south of us. Also dozens of confirmed positives in the county NW where I hunt at a friend's house. Nearest so far about 10 miles from him. Regs changed to allow liberal harvest to reduce numbers.

    DNR added extended season dates for first 2 weekends in January (season ended 1/1) in townships next to those w confirmed cases. Tried to find a doe or 2 to add to the statistical sample. Problem is that by then the deer had herded up and they were only using the property infrequently. No success.

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    Sure were a lot of references to monkeys interacting with deer.might be some zombie deer around AP and St Terasa.and since i just clicked Ferris's link and read about deer,the old jones bridge remains rusted out and fell into the Hootch in the last couple of days.

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    More info here, it is in Miss.

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