17' Aquasport

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Testing the waters. I am thinking of selling my 17' Aquasport. The hull is a 1971 that is all original. It has a solid floor and transom. Always stored in a pole barn. Currently powered by a 2008/09 90hp Etec. Engine runs great. Just did a service on it last fall. I would estimate 500 hours. Runs great. Hole shot is stellar. Top speed is 34 mph. Boat has Bob's hydraulic jack plate, Baystar hydraulic steering, dual batteries, 55 lb thrust 12 volt trolling motor, dual transom mounted live-well, Bimini top and a Lowrance fish finder/GPS. Hull was repainted when I got it 8 years ago. Needs nothing. I have fished Stuart, Pine Island and all of Tampa Bay. I have used to gator hunt Lake Kissimmee and others in north Florida. Boat floats shallow and rides good for a 17' boat. Thinking about selling as my family is out growing it. I am open to trades. Asking $8200 Located in Lakeland, FL


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    Those are real good solid old boats, as long as the decks & transom are not soft. The factory installed duel passive live wells work surprisingly well. They also double as trim tabs, which is a large part of why that boat rides as well as it does. I have a similar boat with an older motor that I may sell in the next year or two if I find a slightly bigger boat that I like. I'll be interested to hear what yours actually sells for. Your asking price is right about where I would have put it. I think that it is a fair number, especially if a trailer is included. I also think that motor is a perfect match. Your top speed makes me think that you have the right prop on it. That is a handy boat for a lot of different things. They are pretty easy to trailer too. Mine is about 2,600# on the trailer with fuel, gear, lunch, etc.
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    This boat is solid. For the first two or three years of the 170's they made them with three trapezoidal stringers. Later they went to two stringers and a fuel tank below deck. I will take less above deck storage for a stout hull. I spent a fair amount of time trying to get the right prop on it. It currently will run up to 5100 RPM with a regular load. I tried a four blade powertech. The engine could swing it, but I never could get the RPMs out of it that I wanted. I currently have a OMC 17" pitch SST prop on it. That weight sounds right. I never have weighed mine.
  • Chef RamenChef Ramen Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    What do you see for draft on plane and floating?
  • akbridgeakbridge Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    Running draft with the jackplate up is 18"-20". I have never run the boat boat up. With the plate up and idling I can make it over a sand bar that is 1' deep.
    It will float in 7"-8" without people. When loaded down it is hard to say depending on where they are fishing at. As the boat sits right now the keel of the bow draws the same as the stern.
  • Chef RamenChef Ramen Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Thanks. It's not what I've been looking for but pretty tempting.
  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
    The deck plates that run from the center console to the transom on those boats are a stroke of genius. They make it so easy to fix issues with transducers, anchor light wiring, etc. I don't know why every single center console boat in the world isn't built that way.
  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
    Did this boat sell yet?
  • akbridgeakbridge Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    No the boat didn't sell. I guess I am not trying very hard to sell it. If you know of someone that wants this boat send them my way. Otherwise, I will keep it. It costs next to nothing to own and operate since it is considered an antique.
  • akbridgeakbridge Posts: 22 Greenhorn

    Boat is back on the market. Make me an offer. I have put on a new bimini top. Other wise same boat as in previous posts.

  • stocksailstocksail Posts: 50 Greenhorn

    great boat. i have a 1994 17' and came from a tournament Hewes.... i'd never go back. these boats are so versatile and the ride is second to none for the size. my setup is similar. glad to see your kids enjoying it as well.

  • akbridgeakbridge Posts: 22 Greenhorn

    Thanks for the bump. Took the boat out this weekend. It ran great. Boat was flushed and cleaned. Ready for her new owner. I am still looking to move on to something bigger. I am open to all offers (cash and/or trades).

    Thanks for looking.

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