Pomps, bluefish and macks ?

jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
Any reports of any catches off the piers in Broward ?


  • Plastered2850Plastered2850 Posts: 1,322 Officer
    Have not heard anything,but the surf
    is going to be nasty till the end of the week.
  • One DropOne Drop Posts: 65 Greenhorn
    I'm in NE Florida and I can guarantee you they are headed your way after this storm. We've had pomps and blues until Christmas. Blues are still here but spreading south, pomps are surely headed south past Stuart right now. Keep us updated throughout if you don't mind, I visit Delray/Pompano monthly and would love to bring a couple surf rods and give it a go.
  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
    Will do thanks guys !!!
  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
    Fished back part of John u loyd state park today for some snapper and it was a bust. Bait of choice was live shrimp fished thru the tides with occasionally chumming and only thing that was hitting was tiny mangroves and small jacks nothing of size. Any tips on catching the groves this time of year ? Should I just wait till the summer to target them from land ?
  • One DropOne Drop Posts: 65 Greenhorn
    I grew up in Ft.Lauderdale for 30years. All those spots are fished out and r he snapper are certainly what we call "dock smart" you will get a few newbies with shrimp but the bigger and smarter snapper are hanging on the outskirts looking in cautiously. If you want the bigger ones, you'll need a pinfish plug. Cut off the head and tail and use a palm size piece of fresh pinfish. I use zero to little weight, smaller hooks in the 1/0 range and trick them into taking one by free lining it in the current. Summer definitely better than winter in my opinion but mangroves are a year round staple in Florida.
  • saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,562 Captain
    Night better yet to for bigger mangroves.
  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
    Thanks guys for the info I have had my share of bigger snappers with live pilchards in that same area when the pilchards run in the summer but never really targeted them in the winter due to the scarcity of bait. Need to deff look into trying to get pinfish and try to give it a shot at night as well.
  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand

    Little update, went to the keys this past Sunday and fished off one of the bridges down there. Air temps were in the low 70’s with wind in my face making it a bit tough on the cast but managed, had 3 runoffs during the day on a crab and could not for the life of me set the circle hook ? Felt the fish on as I reeled in but after a short fight all 3 times whatever I had on got off. Fourth time the charm thinking I had a permit or tarpon I finally hooked something on the crab that ended up being a bonnethead shark. Oh well, moved on to the other side of the bridge so the wind wasn’t in my face as much, and started having non stop action on shrimp from Spanish Mackeral to my limit of keeper fat mangrove snappers, grunts, yellowtails, about 8 gag groupers that were like 12in long lol great day despite the wind, no chum and missing fish on my bigger rods with expensive crabs lol.

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    Also went to a local spot a few days ago where previously I had seen some big spadefish circling the pilings figured I would give them a shot. Bought some frozen clams and started chumming right by the piling that they kept swimming around dropped my red 1/8th jig head with a strip of the clams foot on it and not even a tap from them tried little pieces of shrimp and not a single tap. I could see them just circling the pilings with not a care in the world for either baits kind of frustrating watching them there just looking at your bait. If anyone has a general idea on where to go without a boat for sheepshead and spades in broward county please let me know would love to scratch these 2 fish species off my bucket list to catch. Not looking to spot steal just some general info on where to target them in this area. Feel free to pm me if possible :smiley:

  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
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  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand

    Some of the catches :)

  • Paulieboy73Paulieboy73 Posts: 35 Greenhorn

    Good job on the cero! It might of just been puffers picking up your crabs.

  • jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
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    Thanks completely forgot that the Cero has the lines across and the Spanish have only spots. Darn it could of done sashimi lol. Don’t think it was puffers as my clicker went off like a rocket plus the weight of the fish felt like something of size. But who knows could of been another shark.

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