St Lucie River Snook and Flounder

This was back on 11/14. My buddy and I redeemed ourselves after almost sinking the truck at the ramp.:grin Conditions were windy, and the river looked like chocolate milk, but we were determined to catch some fish. The outgoing tide was just starting, and action was good right off the bat. My buddy caught his personal best flounder(23") right after breaking off a nice snook next to the boat. Not long after, he caught and released his personal best snook (a hair under 28" :banghead). His first snook and flounder hit live target swim baits, and his last snook was on a live shrimp under a cork. I hadn't had a bite while he was catching these fish. I blame working the trolling motor and anchor.:wink After tying on a bucktail jig and working it along the bottom, I managed to catch and release my personal best snook(over 43"). After chasing it around with the trolling motor not knowing what I had, we couldn't believe what emerged from that muddy water. I have submitted the pic to several mags, but none have posted it online. I assume it's because the file size is too small(cell phone cam). I figured I'd at least post it here. Anyone have an idea of weight? I am 6ft 200lbs for reference. Tight lines!


  • quint2117quint2117 Posts: 63 Deckhand
    NIce Fish that water has been say over20lbs
  • LuckyLucky Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Thanks! Yeah water has been nasty. Fished the inlet after an outgoing tide at the end of October, and it was just as bad there. Snook didn't mind though!
  • jensenjeff1955jensenjeff1955 Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    I'm going to guess that one's easily over 30#'s. That bridge (10 cent bridge) holds some huge snook. I also caught my personal best flounder there at 9 lbs a few years ago
  • LuckyLucky Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Nice! We were stoked to throw that flounder in the box. That snook sure felt like 30+ while trying to hold it. That was the first time I ever really fished that bridge. I had heard stories, and seen video, but never actually went there to fish. I stopped there once when coming home from the sandbar and pitched a nice live bait out, but never got a bite. This time, I took my skiff straight there based on the tide forecast, and we were pleasantly surprised. Next stop will be the Roosevelt.😀

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