Pecks Lake - Any Macs yet

In the past I know they start to show up around Thanksgiving.

Anyone catching them ?


  • hhfishermanhhfisherman Posts: 83 Greenhorn
    May be not this year. The water quality is horrible/
  • BacDocBacDoc Posts: 676 Officer
    Not sure about Pecks but a commercial boat I know out of FPI got their limit on Thursday - they were fishing south of FPI ( I didn't ask specific but I'm guessing south of power plant) so in your direction.

    These guys always seem to do well and never claim but they were raving about the numbers they got into on Thursday.
  • belly up IIbelly up II Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Pecks lake area is dead I checked it out Thursday and nothing but brown water and no fish
  • SnookMan772SnookMan772 Posts: 646 Officer
    They were off the tip of the inlet in Jupiter a few weeks back, the commercial guys were all over them. They are probably heading south looking for clean water... Welp, they moved right on past Jupiter than because the water is still pure **** down here.. Ugh.
  • oldtimeroldtimer Posts: 480 Deckhand
    Thanks for all of the responses. Sad state of affairs that something so enjoyable as taking kids out to bend a rod looks like it won't be available around Pecks this year
  • hhfishermanhhfisherman Posts: 83 Greenhorn
    The water quality is till not good. It's a bit better though.
  • Zman8244Zman8244 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Agreed, dead, not even bluefish around like normal for this time of year, put in a few hours north and south of SLI last weekend and nada
  • SnookEyezSnookEyez Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Any updates on the Peck Lake situation? I'm looking to get a friend out on some macks!
  • mik8881mik8881 Posts: 80 Greenhorn
    Not like past year but they’re around .
  • Dream RealityDream Reality Posts: 889 Officer
    Saw a commercial boat unload 2 totes of macks last Sunday in port Salerno. They are around but don't know exactly where.
  • captfrankmcaptfrankm Posts: 36 Greenhorn
    Still up here in Canaveral as of yesterday. Should be moving south with this cold front, maybe next week or 2 for you guys.
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  • 4Rs4Rs Posts: 201 Deckhand
    Had a friend from up north down for a short visit. Took him out to Peck`s Lake for a short trip on Wednesday. Chummed hard with glass minnows and we were able to get a small group of Spanish Macs behind the boat. Over course of 90 minutes caught about 2 dozen. Several of them got sharked. Saw a number of big bull sharks. Water was better than a month ago but still very dirty
  • lunkermanlunkerman Posts: 142 Deckhand
    I wouldn't freak out yet. To say that they won't be there like last year is to jump to conclusions a bit. Its early yet and the big numbers may still push down from up north. Also a little clean water will help. Not saying they will definitely show up but just that its too early to freak out.
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  • TaylorDogTaylorDog Posts: 68 Greenhorn
    Lots of Mack's at pecks, throw glass minnows and they will explode the whole commercial fleet is there
  • alwalw Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    TaylorDog wrote: »
    Lots of Mack's at pecks, throw glass minnows and they will explode the whole commercial fleet is there

    They're here
  • Fireman BillFireman Bill Posts: 524 Officer
    I fished Peck's Lake last Thursday. The water was cold (64 degrees) and dirty but the macks were chewing. We limited out in less than an hour. We used green jigs and small spoons. There was no
    need for chum or glass minnows.

    Fireman Bill
  • mik8881mik8881 Posts: 80 Greenhorn
    TaylorDog wrote: »
    Lots of Mack's at pecks, throw glass minnows and they will explode the whole commercial fleet is there

    I was reluctant that they’d show like past years but they’re here . We anchored away from the flotilla threw some minnows every now and then and were at the sandbar after an hour .
  • SLW UroCaneSLW UroCane Port St. LuciePosts: 399 Deckhand
    tons North too, ran from boils to SLI Saturday (had to b/c NE wind blew up and just kept running South) and lots of birds working, caught a few on Goofy Jig looking for pompano (found none), dirty as heck water

    I did manage a nice 26" to-the-fork permit, however :fishing
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