Jupiter bottom and troll

It's good to be fishing again -- my boat sat too long unused.

Chris and I got the boat launched at the rehabbed Bert Reynolds park, quickly netted a solid dozen finger and slightly larger mullet and slid out the inlet. We fished multiple spots from 70-100 feet generally off the pier. We caught a few, but the current/wind was a little wierd -- we never had the same drift twice as we'd move/re-set. We had one flat line clipped off, released a few short yellowtail, some grunts and runners, and a couple of short red grouper. We put a couple of grey snapper and a better yellowtail in the box. With the bulk of our frozen bait used, we headed out to troll. Nothing happened on the troll but as we worked a nice weedline in 380 we did stop a couple of times to drift a mullet under a patch. After noon we found a crab line and barrel floating in the line -- this finally produced a couple of little peanuts. We used up the last of our live bait and the runners we'd chunked.

Nothing to brag on really, but we got dinner and had a nice day on the water.


  • BacDocBacDoc Posts: 676 Officer
    Good report!

    Know what you mean, I haven’t had boat out much this fall either with the typical October/November winds and seas. Great to run boat and get some groceries too!
  • AftershockAftershock Posts: 166 Deckhand
    Thanks for reporting. Its good to hear the slow as well as the epic days. Which seen to be few and far between.
  • 20psimr20psimr Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    Still a great day to me, and those Dolphin Bacon Tomato and Lettuce sandos (the kids wanted a fish BLT after we had that grouper, so they called these DBLT's) were to die for with that peanut. Blackened and cast iron seared, and actually have a little left. Cant be mad at a fish that can feed a few people! Fried up the yellowtail and ate him on a sando the next day.

    Had an 18 inch grouper that we threw back that I REALLY tried to pinch the tail to go 20 haha. Everything really came on the dead frozen mullet from previous trips. They were chewing those up like candy, just alot of short fish. No good bites in anything less then 90 feet either. Barron got something really good on and got sharked, that was kind of our luck for the bottom fishing.

    Next trip is on my boat, hope this weather calms down a bit Im already Jonesing to be back out! I cut up a bunch more chunks and needed another couple bags of frozen mullet Sunday Barron so we are ready when the waves subside!
    Everglades 223cc

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