First blood on new boat

So we made it out Sunday around noon, saw a bunch of boats making u-turns in Jupiter inlet but we were like shoot thats nothing compared to what we braved last Sunday haha! And it was supposed to lay down a bit as the day progressed so we went for it. Was definitely snotty out there, and very few boats, but around 2pm it did get much calmer. Went straight out from Juno pier in about 100 ft and dropped down a live mullet, Alicia dropped her fave of dead shrimp. She kicked my butt, finally switched to shrimp myself and caught a short mutton after several drifts. Most fish were when we drifted into around 70-80 ft. Current was RIPPING and I didnt have a sock, ordering one now. Basically had to bump troll to keep us on bottom, which was hair raising trying to fish myself and keep the bow in the wind. She hooked into something big that shredded her fluoro pretty quick as well. Not super proud of small fish but hey dinner is dinner, and they just happen to be one of our favorites so no throwing back squeaker Yellowtails on my boat! I heard porgys are like lobster meat, so if they taste anything close to sheepshead I am all over those tonight!

We were using 1/0 hooks for shrimp, 20lb fluoro, 1.5 ounce lead on a fishfinder rig.
Bigger YT came on a 3/0 circle, 20lb fluoro, 1.5 oz with a live finger mullet

Floated a big live mullet back on a flat line most of the day but no takers.

Just happy to take the new boat out and not catch a skunk! Lots to learn but I cant wait to learn it! Thanks everyone for helping me out with weather info, I didnt get yelled at this time too bad (after she took her dang dramamine. wuss. dont tell her I said that...)
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  • KaimanaKaimana Posts: 231 Officer
    Great work out there!
  • Flight RiskFlight Risk Posts: 2,329 Captain
    Nice job! You had to work for that that catch. The cool thing is, you can mark the spots where you got a bite for future reference. The ledges out there can be amazing. You never know what you're going to catch.

    On days where you can anchor up, chumming really brings up some amazing stuff too. When you get into the Rainbow Runners, they are as much fun to catch as Yellow Tails... (and great eating too) There's an amazing array of bottom fish you'll run in to.
    Keep the posts coming!

    You're a lucky man to have his wife out there toughing it out. Mine would never have left the ICW with me :)


    Pura Vida!
  • 20psimr20psimr Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    Oh trust me, I know how lucky I am!! The other day I said "Honey, stone crab opens on Oct 15 we could set pots out now with new boat" her response was, did you order traps yet? lol. Needless to say Cudjoe sales got some business that day haha

    I cant wait to do some chumming, I just built a custom chum box I had from leftover blue crab traps I made a few months ago. Really cant wait to hit the keys and do some true Yellowtailin! We camp at Bahia a few times per year, never had a boat to take out just did a few charters. This time, game on!
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  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,374 Captain
    Good eats and congrats on the new sled. :thumbsup

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  • ObsessionObsession Posts: 224 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report. Good on ya.

    Stay Safe


    Stay Safe


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  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,865 Captain
    Sheephead actually are a type a porgie. Most types of porgie have pretty good meat on them, but they tend to be kind of boney for lazy people like me who don't like to spend the time & effort to pick through & get all the bones out.

    In a pinch, you can throw a small anchor or a bunch of fishing weights or a bunch of sand into a 5-gallon bucket & use that for a sea sock. It works. I've done it more than once.

    I have been known to go out on the snotty days, when I'm really in the mood to get out there & get a line wet. Most boats will take rougher seas than their occupants will tolerate, if the guy driving is up to the task. Unfortunately, once the sea state gets to a certain point, you need to pay such close attention to driving, that you just can't handle the rods anymore.

    If you find any good spots to get the stoneys, feel free to let me know the general type of terrain you chose. I put out traps a few times around here near rocks, near piers & out on sand flats near grass, but had no luck.

    Congrats on breaking in the new boat & bringing home dinner. Thanks for the report & thanks for sharing the details of what worked for you.

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