Not as big but still a lot of work for old guys!!

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Not as big.........but still a pile of work!!!
Hard to believe but the water in Lake George was actually up by about 6 inches from where it was on last Friday. And the feted smell emanating from the swamps is just as bad. And it got hot fast!

Only good part of the high water as far as gator chasing goes is that we were able to run the boat in places normally restricted to airboats and kayaks. Which of course does not mean that we could chase them the other HUNDRED YARDS up into the trees where the water will let them go now.

Still managed to pull one out. Not as big as the one last week, 11' 6" and close to 400. What he lacked in overall size he made up for in athleticism.

After losing one that was bigger due to Mike's slow reflexes ( As I am writing the report HE gets the blame ) we got a hook into this one right against the trees on the inside of the dollar-pads and grass. Fortunately he decided to go out into the lake instead of up into the trees with the squirrels.

Not that we did not expect to lose him as he bulled his way through the pads and grass. As expected soon as the trolling motor hit the pads it locked up leaving us to fire the big motor and push on until it overheated......which was way before we got through them.

That left us in the pads with the gator still pulling 80# test off the fast shrinking spool. Pulled both motors up, thumbed the spool hard and held on as Mike pulled trash from the line.

To make a long story short we ended up a good 200 yards on the lake side of the pads/grass before he went to ground. About 400 yards from where we started.

Rest was easy.......comparatively.

Read more:!!!#ixzz4v9LBktDo


  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 4,986 Captain
    Good Job !.
    You using a Level wind like a Penn 3/0 or a big Spinner ?
    I never ..well caught Gators before but back in the day..growing up next to the Glades..we got a bunch, well...differently than you do ....
    Killin and Grillin :grin
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    Go to the library and check out a copy of "Bartram's Travels" and read what he says about B-I-G gators in Lake George way back in the 1770's! Bartram was "Naturalists" and reported things as they were, not directed by imagination or fantasy!
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    Go to the library and check out a copy of "Bartram's Travels" and read what he says about B-I-G gators in Lake George way back in the 1770's! Bartram was "Naturalists" and reported things as they were, not directed by imagination or fantasy!

    Interesting you should mention Bartram as there is a recent edition that focuses on his St. Johns experiences. We've a men's book club that reads only non-fiction and that new edition was last month's read. Recognized more than a few places he described. Worth a read as much for the insights into the peoples that were here as for the land.

    He used the term "broom pine" to describe long leaf.

    Well worth a read. And if you do read it note the contrast between the way his father John writes and how William does. Book starts with some of John's notes.

    It's here:

    ( )
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    Interesting you mention going way up in the trees. Was asking LE about that. Permit boundaries of lake on map and their GIS data show lake ending at tree line. Was asking if I was free to use county permits in the flooded swamps. Usually has water but not as deep as now. As usual, answer is not very forthcoming.

    Great job on another great gator.
    The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. Hopefully the next man is not dropping his stones on the mountain you are trying to move.
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    Never messed around with gators, but seen millions of 'em in my timber/wildlife management work across Florida and South Georgia/Alabama.

    Think the biggest one I ever saw was over close to Malone, Florida on lands owned by NW Florida Water Management District. I was making a forest type map and walked up on the banks of a major stream through the area. The gator was across the stream and started sliding toward the water. I swear that sucker was 30-35 feet long and must have weighed 8-10 thousand pounds! :grin
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  • Oldfox1939Oldfox1939 Posts: 521 Officer
    I think his name was T-REX.
  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 4,986 Captain
    We had a 60 Footer in the Glades back about 1959.
    I was 4 years old and he snatched a bass right off my line...never forget it.
    Killin and Grillin :grin
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    That’s a big one in my book. Congrats!

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