Good bass fishing lakes in orlando

Hello. I'm going to take my kids out fishing this coming week and we are going to target bass. I'm wondering, what's a good lake with 30 minutes of down town Orlando. I 've really fish salt water for redfish. Anything helps. Thank you


  • frogman1963frogman1963 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    I'm assuming you have a boat, Lake Conway and the Butler chain of lakes are two of my favorites. I have luck with watermelon colored baits, like zoom super flukes and 5" or 6" stick baits. I target shore/weed lines with flukes and either weight less or drop shot the stick baits, good luck.
  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,016 AG
    Winter Park Chain also

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  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 599 Officer
    Lake Monroe has always been good to me as well
  • CageyCagey Posts: 611 Officer
    Ivanhoe and Baldwin and Underhill
  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 5,933 Admiral
    Conway Chain, Clermont Chain, Harris Chain, Toho, W Toho, Kissimmee, St. Johns River,
    Lake Mary Jane/Hart, Alligator Chain, the list is truly endless around here.
    You about can't go wrong.
  • bostonsox2904bostonsox2904 Posts: 80 Greenhorn
    What if we listed lakes to avoid? I've been told to avoid Lake Jesup, since it's a shallow bowl and better suited for panfish fishing. Do you have any lakes you've had bad experiences on?
  • CageyCagey Posts: 611 Officer
    We avoid Jesup for some other reasons... for one, it is a stagnant lake and does not have much clean water flowing into it. With Lake Harney and Lake Monroe the St. Johns river flows through those lakes continuously flushing them out.

    Not so with Jesup. It sits off to the side of the St. Johns river and crap just seems to accumulate in that lake and the water quality goes down. And as stated it is quite shallow and muddy in a lot of places and most bass fishermen are well aware to stay out of Jesup.

    And right now I would avoid the St. Johns river all together. Not only is it under an executive order for no wake speeds along most of the river, but it is just a mess out there right now and the water is full of debris and dead fish stinking up all over the place. Best to avoid the river for awhile and the executive order times out and expires January 1, 2018 unless the governor rescinds it sooner.

    A once good bass fishing lake was Lake Brantley, but now it is surrounded by some really unpleasant rich people who like to run all over fishermen in the lake. They like to take junior out skiing trying to train up their little superstar into a world class ski champion and they will run their Ski Nautique boats at full speed straight at a fisherman sitting quietly near shore minding his business and then just before ramming the fisherman they will turn away sending a wall of water right at the fisherman. This has happened to me several times on that lake. Some of those people are just really rude and obnoxious and for some reason target fishermen, at least that is what they did to us and I had a buddy who lived on the canal to that lake and we had every right to be there like the rich people did.

    Now they have a darn airport in the middle of the lake so you gotta watch out to not get tangled up in their landing strip buoys in the middle of the lake. I have caught some nice bass out there, but I have no plans of going back and dealing with the rude rich people around that lake!

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