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Ok, so finally got rid of the bass boat and got me something I can take out in the fish I want to eat water haha. Everglades 223cc, so far love the boat all is good had her for about a month. Have taken her out a few times in Jupiter but the inlet has always been so nasty looking, we didnt go out. Fiance is recovering from a surgery so she didnt want to get beat up. Sat night I checked NOAA, was calling 2-3's and looked like the weather wasnt going to be bad in the AM, so we decided to give it a shot. Launched at 7am ish and hit the inlet, and it looked a little angry but other boats were going out. Was an incoming tide and west wind, but there was a small storm cell passing by looked like around Juno area just off to our right. We decided to go for it since she is feeling better, and were greeted with 4-5 footers in the inlet and probably 3-4's short interval once we made it out. We got about a mile out and decided this just wasnt fishable in this boat and turned back. Saw Samanna going passed us and I know they got on fish later, and Im wondering if that storm borked us and the seas cleared a bit shortly after we went in. Either way I was impressed with the boat, no spearing, handled those big waves head on like a tank. Not gonna lie, I was puckered for sure, but I do have experience with a little 17' bass boat and big Lake O waves lol. Sooo no fish for us, but that leads to my actual question:

What sites do you guys use to figure out if you are going or not? What says to you heck no I aint leavin the dock, anything over 2-3 short? Anytime its short interval? Blowing over xx mph?

I just found Windfinder yesterday, looks like a nice site to tie alot together. NOAA for some reason the few times we thought about going out and I checked that site said the waves were terrible. Later that day I see the charter boats on facebook saying dont believe the weatherman look at all these dolphin in 200 ft and I want to scream! So just need some help/advice from you much more knowledgeable folks on when to go out and when to sleep in hehe.

Thanks much! :fishing
Everglades 223cc


  • TridentnTridentn Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    The site I use. Works well for me. I'd say in a 22 anything over 2-3 with short intervals is not going to work.
  • Conchy CritterConchy Critter Posts: 896 Officer
    If it's questionable take a look at the inlet webcams. If I am still not sure I ride over to the inlet and take a look before I load the boat and leave our dock.

    This is my favorite website and it is very reliable.
  • Fireman BillFireman Bill Posts: 524 Officer
    Ground swells and hard onshore wind (NE through SE) are bad. Both together really bad. Either or both on a outgoing tide really really . All three near new and full moon really really really bad. It is not that long of a run to Lake Worth Inlet. If it is sketchy once you get out and you must come in wait on the tide. The incoming tide mellows it out considerably. There is no shame in taking the long way home. Spend some time sitting on the jetty in a variety of conditions. You will get a feel for go and no go. The inlet camera is very useful as is Surfline. If Surfline says the Juno pier is a clean 6 ft swell go to LWI or do not go. Error on the side of caution getting rolled on the outside bar is not going to have a happy outcome.

    Fireman Bill
  • 20psimr20psimr Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    Nice, thanks for tips all. I definitely check the inlet cam, actually checked it that morning about 20 minutes before I got there and it looked ok. Thats why I think it was that small storm passing by that did it, but didnt have the cojones yet to just weather it out once it passed by us and see if it calmed down. It can be deceiving on the cam the size of the swells I have noticed. Have done a few stop in short and watch trips so far and this was first attempt out hehe.

    Definitely will exercise the Lake Worth inlet option, thats not far at all and I have read that is much calmer when Jupiter is nasty. I was just wondering about reading the actual ocean conditions to see if it was fishable or not. I think the anything over 2-3 is definitely not going to be worth it as suggested.
    Everglades 223cc
  • Fireman BillFireman Bill Posts: 524 Officer
    It depends on the wind direction and if there is a swell. In the winter a forecast wind of NW at 15 MPH will show a forecast of 4 to 6 ft or better. If there is no swell the inlet will be flat calm. If the forecast is 15 out of the east with a 3 ft swell the inlet will be bad especially on the outgoing tide.

    In the summer you might have a calm inlet in the AM but a 15 to 20 afternoon sea breeze with a full moon outgoing tide will make for a passable but very nasty inlet. Wind speed, direction of tide, swell condition, and wind direction all come into play. There are lots of days when Jupiter is an easy transit but there are days it is down right dangerous.

    Fireman Bill
  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,374 Captain
    NOAA is useless and can't be trusted. Their forecasts are incorrect far too often. Windfinder is the best I've found and seems to be the most consistently correct.

    Over time, you will learn how certain wind speeds and wind directions correlate into certain sea conditions off Jupiter. You can never judge the entire day's conditions based off looking at the inlet or you will rarely get your boat offshore, and you will miss a TON of beautiful days that you could have easily fished out there. Utilizing the inlet cameras from Stuart, Jupiter, and the Palm Beaches will give you a better sense when they scan the horizon and don't just show you the inlet. If you aren't sure and want to give the inlet a try, wait for a larger boat to exit the inlet and tuck in behind them as they will smooth out the seas a bit more for you as you get out of the dicey zone.

    So many days you may get a strong outgoing tide with a light easterly (incoming) breeze that stacks up the waves at the inlet, yet it may be very calm as soon as you exit the inlet and head just a couple hundred yards north or south or there. I see this out of Stuart more often than not. Good luck and be safe!

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  • Ron@.38 SpecialRon@.38 Special Posts: 6,702 Admiral
    We work offshore and I can tell you we never trust a NOAA report. We actually use a combination of magic seaweed and windfinder. After a while you understand what to trust on each and what to question. Between the two, we do pretty decent at a 3-4 day look aead for our offshore work.

    Right now we are about half way thru an artificial reef construction for Port Miami with about 800 corals to be relocated to the reef or other areas out of harms way for a terminal expansion project. Windfinder and Magic seaweed have gotten us thru this so far with not much waste effort.

    Oh, I use both for fishing also, thats the point!
  • pk911pk911 Posts: 234 Deckhand
    i use windfinder as well as bouyweather
  • Flight RiskFlight Risk Posts: 2,329 Captain
    I've got the same size boat as you, and had a 17' Key West prior to that.
    Over the last 4 years of fishing offshore from LWI, Boynton, Jupiter, and SLI - I've found LWI and SLI to be the best in terms of safely getting to the outside. FiremanBill and Capt. Dave have great advise on Jupiter and SLI inlets. That being said, I think JI offers the best fishing in the area. LWI comes in second. If you fly kites for sailfish, this is where you want to be.
    What usually happens is the current carries you North so quickly when fishing off LWI, before too long you find yourself right off lost tree, or Juno pier on the ledge - the fishing out there can be amazing at times. Plenty of wrecks to fish also.

    In the fall and winter months you may want to look at SLI as your inlet of choice because the Spanish Mackerel load up just outside the inlet off Peck's Lake. The Sandpile just NE of the inlet can be amazing as well as Evans Crary and Push Button Hill offshore. There always seems to be bait schools in the area of the inlet or beach where you can black out your live well.
    I really like fishing out of Stuart.

    Boynton inlet has great fishing 'sometimes' off the reef and trolling offshore. Lots of Tuna, and good deep dropping areas too. The inlet there is narrow and spooky as hell.
    Follow the same rules from FiremanBill for Boynton and Jupiter.

    The biggest factor is duration. The closer the waves, the more like a washing machine out there.

    Hope this helps with your choices.
    Catch'M'Up! :fishing

    Pura Vida!
  • 20psimr20psimr Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    Definitely helps, thanks Flight Risk! Some really good info there, as this is all new to me but mainly want to get out and do some reef bottom fishing for snapper, hopefully get on some dolphin too once I know what im doing. But drift fishing will be the go-to since thats what the admiral is excited to do with the kids too hehe.

    Thanks all again for some great advice! I cant wait to hit the Juno pier ledge, thats the current goal since I know where that is and have fished it a few times bumming rides. Will definitely be branching out from there!
    Everglades 223cc
  • Fireman BillFireman Bill Posts: 524 Officer
    While you are drifting the edge put a chum bag out with a block of frozen chum. An amazing array of stuff will come to the chum bag including lots of great potential live baits.

    Fireman Bill
  • LET'S GOLET'S GO Posts: 2,040 Captain
    You have a lot of good info and it comes down to your comfort level. The Everglades is a great boat and will serve you well. With a 22Ft. you should be aware of 3Ft. + and short duration the more time on the water the better! You will have some scary times use them to your advantage! Have fun be safe.

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  • timmcollinstimmcollins Posts: 796 Officer
    Another suggestion is during the summer I use MY RADAR app on my phone to track summer squalls. A flat day can get down right ugly when your in a 18 CC. Twice this year I left out of Jupiter and came in LWI. Which gave us an excuse to stop for lunch at one of the watering holes along the way.
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  • Boca KrisBoca Kris Posts: 126 Deckhand
    Magic Seaweed is usually pretty good. For wind, I like and - many times you'll see wind report that says one direction, but a half mile up the beach it's a different direction. With those sites you can see the bigger picture of wind direction. Also, wave height isn't as big of a factor as the time period in between waves. A 9 ft wave that's 15 seconds a part you'll barely feel...but a 3ft wave that's 2 seconds apart will rock you.

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