Whitish powder inside carburetor. Fouling float needle and seat.

This is actually happening to my motorcycle but I imagine it would do the same to outboards. I am getting a buildup of a sort of white powder inside the carburetor's and specifically in the float bowls. What is happening is that it is causing the float needle and seat to get stuck and basically shuts down fuel to the motor. Inside the carbs seem fine but the float bowls have a nice light layer of white powder that basically will scrape/rub right off. Originally I was having the problem with just one carb but now the other carb had the same stuck needle/seat on the float bowl. They are really stuck in there. Once I got the needle freed, I can put it back in and feel the almost grittiness. The seat is actually entirely white now from the powder.

After the second time freeing the one carb, I did run about two thirds of a tank of gas through before it clogged up and had added some seafoam to the gas.

This is the first time I have had this problem.

1) Is it bad fuel ie water or something else?
2) I am going to drain all the gas out of the tank and start fresh, but is there anything else I should do?


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